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    NROTC Marine Option & CORTRAMID

    I'm sure the chances of this are slim and none, but I'll ask anyway. Since CORTRAMID is designed to give midshipmen an idea of what field they want to go into, it is essentially useless for Marine Options that are certain about remaining a Marine Option. I was wondering if there would be any...
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    NROTC and JAG

    I am asking this question on behalf of a fellow student not currently in NROTC. Is there a process for NROTC students (Navy Option) to go into the JAG Corps? If so, is it a direct process; as in going straight to law school? Or do you have to serve in another field before entering the JAG...
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    I actually have Russian with your son. I'm sorry though, I already have a roommate that is in ROTC.

    I actually have Russian with your son. I'm sorry though, I already have a roommate that is in ROTC.
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    What school are you headed to?

    Tulane NROTC, Marine Option
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    Things to take to College for ROTC

    I'm sure that there are countless things that midshipmen and cadets realize that they need as soon as they get to college. What are some of the less obvious things that students in ROTC should bring. I've come up with Brass-O, and iron and ironing board but can't come up with much beyond that.
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    NRROTC Tulane anyone?

    I've accepted a NROTC scholarship (Marine Option) at Tulane, but I don't know too much about it.
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    Any letters received for Marine Option?

    Still nothing outside of Nashville, TN.
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    Any letters received for Marine Option?

    Unrated: If you don't mind me asking, what part of the country do you live in? Just wondering to see how far the letters have traveled.
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    Any letters received for Marine Option?

    It would be less frustrating if we knew why it was taking so long to release the results.
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    Any letters received for Marine Option?

    Still no letters anywere?
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    Any letters received for Marine Option?

    I was told my my recruiting station's XO that we were supposed to hear right around Christmas time, and the most likely day was Christmas eve. How wierd.
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    Marine Option?

    That makes me feel a little more at ease. I was told that letters would arrive shortly before Christmas Day so I won't stress until then.
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    Marine Option?

    Were any of you that recieved the scholarship notified by mail, or did you just find out from your point of contact? If I'm understanding correctly, the only people that know if they've gotten the scholarship right now are the ones who have asked their district's officer.
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    Army ROTC Scholarship Notification

    Thank you. That helps me tremendously.
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    Army ROTC Scholarship Notification

    I applied for both the Army ROTC scholarship and the NROTC scholarship. When do you have to accept of decline the Army ROTC scholarship? I was under the impression that you had an entire year to do so, but conversation on this forum leads me to believe otherwise.
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    PLC and tuition money

    Does anyone know how the PLC program works as far as money for college or just money for "whatever", I'm just assuming an allowance would be used for college expenses. I am very aware of all the benefits of NROTC, but I am currently considering Ivy league schools that do not have NROTC units...
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    Varsty Sports

    We have block scheduling, so we have 4 classes a day then change classes at the end of the semester. The only way to do sports is to go to the practices they have everyday 4th block, which means if I want to do any varsity sport I have to give up 1/8th of my entire workload, which means I would...
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    Conway: Marines too comfy at Iraq bases

    I just don't think that politics have any place in war
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    Conway: Marines too comfy at Iraq bases

    I think that they put troops on official United States Military bases to protect them. This may seem hard to follow, but if an official base that has been set up there for years and civilians live there and it is attacked, the course of action would be more severe and better justified by the...