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    VMI Class of 2028

    Congratulations and good luck!
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    ADHD and Service Academies

    You will have to get a waiver to be accepted to VMI with that condition. In general- VMI requires you to be eligible to commission even if you choose not to do so, and all cadets will be enrolled in 4 years of ROTC , though you are not required to contract unless you have a scholarship. Listed...
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    Cadet Credits VMI Training for Quick Response in an Emergency

    Nice work Cadet Gild (‘24).
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    General Milley and "the book" ???

    So- how about in the final days of Watergate when the SecDef (Schlesinger) set up a safety loop to prevent Nixon from executing a military strike without his or Kissinger's (SecState) approval? They did that because they were concerned that the President of the United States was unstable at...
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    Dad Joke thread (everybody welcome)

    "Like everyone my age...I'm 64"
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    Gotta Petty Grudge? Secret Grievance? [Nothing Too Serious]. Foibles Welcome. No Judging!

    My pet peeve- the lazy slobs who leave their shopping cart out in the middle of the supermarket parking lot. It truly bends me off and even worse are the schlubs who do so right in front of you. I frequently walk over and collect their cart to return it to the corral before they even pull out of...
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    VMI story

    Thanks for posting. Like an awful lot of my fellow alums- I was pretty unhappy at the time about the court forcing this issue- primarily because I was sure that the changes they would have to make to attract and retain women would fundamentally change the school. In retrospect - I was really...
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    One Liner Life Advice

    "Yes Dear".
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    One Liner Life Advice

    "Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son."
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    Football Riivalry Week for VMI and Citadel - best of luck to both teams in a very tough year

    Congratulations to the VMI Keydets and especially to Coach Wachenheim who really engineered a turnaround in a football program that had > 40 years in the wilderness! The Coach is a good man who understands both winning football - and VMI. Nice work!
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    Football Riivalry Week for VMI and Citadel - best of luck to both teams in a very tough year

    Yes!! 😱
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    VMI Ratline Questions

    Excellent advice. Although I went to VMI because I wanted to be a Soldier, and while at VMI was a ranker as well as a member of the RDC (and became a career Soldier -so I bought into the whole Rat line and Military stuff 110%!) , my advice to prospective cadets now is to remember that first and...
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    Pennsylvania woman named as next VMI First Captain

    Congratulations Cadet Meredith- to be named as the Regimental Commander is a real honor- to be the first woman selected is a historic one! Good work and good luck! Rah Virginia Mil!👍...
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    Story Time: Famous People You Found Yourself With

    Until Covid hit last March, I was on a plane almost every week so have had some interesting seat mates . The ones who I found the most interesting were old , long retired Athletes. For those who are fans and remember the Ken Burns documentary on Baseball- on a fight into Kansas City, I got to...
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    VMI 110- Citadel 103

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    Why do so many Marines graduate from the Citadel?

    Interesting Chart. I wonder why VMI commissions relatively fewer from the AF? In fact looking at the chart- the only two SMCs on the AF list of the top 10 are Texas A&M and VA Tech. ? I wonder if this corresponds to having Aerospace Engineering degree programs?
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    Medal of Honor

    In answer to your question on MOH recipients from various SMCs - there are 7 VMI alumni who are recipients of the MoH.
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    Military to Management Consulting

    Forgive me for this - but this vintage UPS commercial summarizes my view ( and the view of many if not most of my peers in the manufacturing world) of consultants. From my perspective - consultants tend to be long on suggestions with very little experience in actually implementing those...
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    Interim Superintendent at VMI
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    The way back machine

    Just to take you back - this aired around 1998. Still gives me a chuckle ( the Norelco razor gives me a rash so this is not a product endorsement!!)? :