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    There is a scholars FB page, just not year specific.
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    Vehicle Usage at Prep School

    My son is also going to MMI. We decided not to let him take his car. It is only a 6 hour drive to our home but we want him to get used to the idea of life without his car for the academy. My feeling is he needs to focus on school and not driving anywhere.
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    Prep School parents saying DS or DD are attending the academy

    I am going to give you another perspective. The perspective of a parent whose child is going to a prep school. When my son first got acceptance to his SA prep school, we explained the process and how it worked. Going to prep and then appointed (hopefully) to the SA the next year. As much as...
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    CGAS appointees

    My DS is going to MMI also. Congrats!!!
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    That is awesome. I am so happy for you. Congratulations.
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    Let us know after you call, if you did in fact get a slot for the class of 2020. CGAS is a great way to start but if you get to go directly to the academy, that would be great. Please keep us updated. I am interested to know. My son has also been selected for CGAS and we are just waiting on...
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    Sea Cadets... Sound Off

    The resume that you have provided for your son is no different than most of the kids on this site trying to get a slot. It is easy for a parent to think that their child walks on water but they cannot see the forest thru the trees. My son also wore his Sea Cadet Uniform to his Congressional...
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    CGAS appointees

    My DS was appointed March 30th. He accepted and we are also just waiting for which prep school
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    Advice for a Frustated Dad Please.

    I went through something similar with my DS last year, when he was still a junior in High School. After years of saying the Coast Guard was all he wanted to do, he told us he was not sure if that is what he wanted to do anymore. This was right after we received an acceptance to AIM. My...
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    AIM Recomendation letters

    She should get an email. My DS did last year and it came on May 1st.
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    Sea Cadets... Sound Off

    I'm the XO of a Sea Cadet unit. My DS received an appointment to CGAS Scholars program. He was LPO of the unit. He is a PO2
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    Passport Books and Cards

    Passport card is only good for land travel to certain borders only, like US to Mexico or Canada. You need a passport book to fly anywhere overseas. Passport book is what they will need for their military time.
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    Fitness at MMI or GMC

    Did your DS wrestle at Marion or just practice with the team? I have heard that some cadets choose not to participate in sports to focus more on their studies. My son really wants to wrestle at the academy but he said he would not mind wrestling at Marion to keep up with the sport. Is there...
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    USCGA 2020 appointments

    Ditto - me too. I don't think they need it.
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    USCGA 2020 appointments

    From your mouth to God's ears. Who in the world really knows here - not me. I wish we all knew what they were really looking for.
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    USCGA 2020 appointments

    OMG - it's going to be a long day for you!!!! Praying for good news.
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    USCGA 2020 appointments

    Some colleges use that criteria to grade papers and assignments. Also the SAT writing portion is graded on a holistic scoring platform. If you google holistic criteria, I think it would make sense that maybe the USCGA uses more like a points scale (holistic grading/scoring) to come to the...
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    Long story but basically my DS was accepted to the CGAS prep school

    Long story but basically my DS was accepted to the CGAS prep school
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    USCGA 2020 appointments

    I don't think anyone will fully understand what holistic criteria is used to select appointees. I do know that I have heard from several people that it definitely is not all about the grades and they want to see a well-rounded candidate. They want to see sports, leadership, volunteering and...
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    Thanks. He has had two doses of his HPVs. He has also had his MPV4 shot as well. I looked at his last immunization sheet and compared it to the form and I think he will be fine, other than the Polio shot.