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  1. anne99

    My son graduated class of 2021 in nuclear engineering and is just now finishing up at the Naval...

    My son graduated class of 2021 in nuclear engineering and is just now finishing up at the Naval Postgraduate School (mechanical engineering), Headed to Nuclear Power School in Charleston SC.
  2. anne99

    Should I Be Worried?

    As far as I know, it doesn't hurt you. You just don't validate the course. My plebe at the time was encouraged to take every test offered even if he didn't think he'd validate. It gets them out of the heat for a couple of hours - even if they sleep through it. I am not a definitive source though!
  3. anne99

    Watching the NHL Game at Navy Stadium

    Bummer - he gave up sweets for lent. He did get an awesome iced caramel macchiato from Zu Coffee though. I, however, went to Kilwins without him :)
  4. anne99

    Watching the NHL Game at Navy Stadium

    Very cool aerial view of the field. Annapolis is crawling with Toronto fans. And I'm visiting my plebe - while he does homework. :(
  5. anne99

    Candidate Visit Weekend

    Hope your visit went well! My plebe had a drag this last weekend... maybe it was you!
  6. anne99

    Time Management Help

    I specialize in that. I have a USNA plebe and he swears my planner and system is a major reason he is doing well at the academy right now. **LINK REMOVED** I work mainly with college students but the basics are the same. I have a few colleagues who specialize in high school. You can do it...
  7. anne99

    So, how is your Plebe Doing?

    I think most of the chatter has migrated to Facebook groups and this forum tends to be more for those trying to get appointed. But since you asked... my plebe is doing exceptionally well!
  8. anne99

    Supplies issue

    Yep, my son's second call was the same. He needs nothing. I suggested my homemade cookies and he at least jumped at that! I just told him to make a list of stuff for me to bring at PPW. I suspect they change rooms at that point and don't want even more stuff to carry.
  9. anne99

    Chances of receiving a waiver for astigmatism?

    What Old Navy BGO said. Always get your information directly!
  10. anne99

    Chances of receiving a waiver for astigmatism?

    I honestly don't know if they check. He's unavailable right now to ask.
  11. anne99

    Chances of receiving a waiver for astigmatism?

    My son has astigmatism and it was never an issue. He's a plebe now.
  12. anne99

    Plebe Parade Friday 14July?

    9:30am Annapolis time. It will be streaming on
  13. anne99

    Proper Packaging for Plebes

    I almost choked on my drink when I opened this thread. With plebe summer so close, I really needed this laugh. Everything seems to be so worrisome and serious right now!
  14. anne99

    A different perspective as you prepare for Induction Day

    Since my son is a college re-applicant, I am MUCH more confident in dropping him at USNA than I was at the college. It will be tougher on him this time, just maybe not for me.
  15. anne99

    USNA- Scheduling Flight For Thanksgiving Leave?

    This thread is a bit old. Any advice on timing for Thanksgiving leave 2017? Flights are already sold out for many of the Sunday times.
  16. anne99

    I day blood test

    Cool. DS was in Corps at Texas A&M. Cigars were common. He wants to celebrate at his going away party in June. Cigars are the celebration of choice for him and his buddies.
  17. anne99

    I day blood test

    So, I'm generally clueless about cigars but how does that affect a blood test if smoked within a couple days of the test?
  18. anne99

    I day blood test

    They'll get a passed out plebe why my son gets there.:eek: He doesn't do blood draws well.
  19. anne99

    Nominations from College

    DS and several others did Skype interviews from college. They had a specific scheduled slot on the same day that local kids had their in-person interviews. That was here in TX-26.
  20. anne99

    Where's Waldo Dream Summer Job

    That is awesome.