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  1. hopeful_ILmom_20

    Where is Everyone Taking Their ROTC Scholarship?!?!?! (Any Branch)

    WELCOME to your DS and to your family! My DD is thrilled to be a MIDN 4/C in the NROTC Battalion and has had a tremendous experience this year. Please feel free to PM me as NSO (New Student Orientation) approaches if you need anything!
  2. hopeful_ILmom_20

    Finally Got the E-mail

    It was a year ago today that my DD got her TWE and she was devastated. However, it's amazing how a year of our new reality has provided clarity. First of all, congratulations to all of you... look how far you made it! You accomplished more in these past two years than many of your peers...
  3. hopeful_ILmom_20

    Am I competitive for an ROTC scholarship at Georgetown?

    First of all, I hope you had a good interview. Next, as others have pointed out, the scholarship process and admissions process are two very different things. One will have no impact on the other. Just because you may get a scholarship does not ensure admission, nor does admission guarantee...
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    Consider joining a summer swim club at a local park district, community pool, country club. There are quite a few that range from recreational summer fun to elite. The reason I suggest this is for the training regime. The benefit is having coaches who can correctly teach you the technique...
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    Question about mids and rules

    I agree with all that has been said and also want to add an additional perspective: 18/19 year olds are similar no matter which school you attend... SA or otherwise. The dark ages of February exist wherever you go to school. I spent winters in Indiana where the "perma-cloud" tended to last...
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    Congratulations 2020

    Well stated, USNA89. I hope each and every candidate reads this post... whether appointed or not. Each one who put themselves through the application cycle and stayed the course will certainly be an asset to those around them as they enter the fleet because they know about failure and success...
  7. hopeful_ILmom_20

    Hope this is the right place for this question

    The walk isn't too bad from Lowes, and I would highly recommend a SuperShuttle from BWI to the yard. My dd and I have done that at least three times now. Good luck.
  8. hopeful_ILmom_20

    Surprisingly Tough Decisions- will attending a service academy ruin my life?

    I know that this is not as helpful as you would have liked, but I have to say it. It is your life. Obviously it is something you thought long and hard about otherwise you would not have put yourself through the 2 years of prep for something like this. Your parents may or may not agree, but in...
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    NROTC 2015-2016 Scholarship Recipient Stats

    First of all, I want to wish @JakeReitz good luck. I know how hard it is to wait. Please keep in mind that "everyone" states that numbers aren't everything and I hope that is the case. That said, my daughter submitted all paperwork for NROTC at the end of the summer or beginning of...
  10. hopeful_ILmom_20

    New round of TWE?

    That is wonderful to hear! Thank you! ND was her first choice (along with USNA) and she is thrilled to be joining the unit. Her roommate at SMC will be coming in on the Marine option, and her grade school classmate was placed at the ND unit as well. While she has spoken a bit about...
  11. hopeful_ILmom_20

    New round of TWE?

    I'm so pleased to hear such wonderful things about the ND unit. Truthfully, I think her plan to enter the Navy materialized after an ND/Navy football game when she had a chance to meet a few female mids that were selecting aviation. My dad (a Navy vet) said that Navy pilots are the best pilots...
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    "Monday Morning Smackdown".... I thought the same thing. What a brutal way to start the week...granted, many have to give their plan B's an answer one way or another this week. But it still must have been a horrible way to begin the week for these kids.
  13. hopeful_ILmom_20

    New round of TWE?

    Good luck! I hope he hears something absolutely wonderful either USAFA or USMA!
  14. hopeful_ILmom_20

    New round of TWE?

    Thank you so much. DD is happily moving forward with her "other Plan A". She will NROTC assigned to the Notre Dame brigade going to my alma mater, Saint Mary's College. She found out that she will be among the first class to pursue a physics with applied mathematics major, and has already...
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    New round of TWE?

    I agree, and I can empathize. My DD received hers while sitting in class with the only other USNA applicant/appointee from her school. Hard to keep it together anyway, even harder when sitting next to someone who is on the other side of the fence. However, that said... her friends and...
  16. hopeful_ILmom_20

    Obsessive CIS/Forum Check?

    Thank you so much.... we actually just received some great news from her surgeon that the biopsy showed no cancer. So, all of the prayers really helped! Life is good. :)
  17. hopeful_ILmom_20

    End of the School year

    Whether USNA or ROTC, from here on out your grades should matter. If you are looking towards service selection and especially if you've been accepted to one of the most prestigious institutions in this country, you would be doing yourself a disservice if you felt your grades didn't matter. And...
  18. hopeful_ILmom_20

    Obsessive CIS/Forum Check?

    Hi everyone, It's me, checking back in. I hope everyone is well and that your candidates are still hanging in there! Any day without one of THOSE emails is a great day. Just a little update since you all were so supportive over the past few weeks: (1) My mom: Mom had surgery last week to...
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    Obsessive CIS/Forum Check?

    Thank you Capt MJ! Yes, in her mind, there were only two brigades that she wanted to be part of: either the USNA or the ND brigade! We have attended a number of ND/Navy games in my lifetime. My father served in the Navy and has been a lifelong ND fan. He chooses who he cheers for based on...
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    Class of 2020 USNA Appointment Thread

    And the same us... DD received the dreaded portal update today. To all... good luck to your candidates. I wish them all the very best. This class of 2020 will be an amazing one.. both at USNA and at the various NROTC programs or other SA's. I hope to see many celebrations on this thread...