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    Army BOLC Graduation - Need to Attend?

    So is BOLC graduation a once in a lifetime dont miss type of thing, or an ok I can celebrate him when he’s home type of thing? Son graduates on 18 Dec and will have house hunting and personal leave time to spend Christmas with us. We can get to BOLC graduation but it will be jumping through a...
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    How Would AROTC 3.5 Upgrade Affect GI Bill

    Son has been told he is being submitted for a 3.5 upgrade. Fingers crossed. But we have used the GI bill to pay his tuition. Is there a way for the VA to take the money back so we can keep that 1/2 year for our other child? Or are we just going to have to take the refund? Thanks
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    3.5 year upgrades

    Did your son get the upgrade? My son was told he was being submitted also, but then the school wasn't awarded any. Sigh.
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    Army ROTC 1st Scholarship Board Results Published

    My son was a 3 year winner LAST year. He just got an email saying there was an update to his Dashboard. However when he tried to login he got a "locked out" error. Could this be part and parcel of the same issues you are talking about?
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    3.5-Year ROTC Scholarship Chances

    When will schools hear if they get any campus based scholarships?
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    NROTC ---- Accepted ---- School

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    NROTC final decision - how many are left waiting? how many left to be awarded?

    Last board results are out. Check those emails!
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    NROTC Board Review Schedule

    Final board was the charm. DS got his email and phone call from I assume you NavyNOLA? His is to attend Tulane!
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    NROTC final decision - how many are left waiting? how many left to be awarded?

    Son's app has been in since first board. Still waiting.
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    NROTC Board Review Schedule

    And the result from the last board is the same as the first board, a 4 year NROTC scholarship!
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    AROTC Transfer Approvals?

    How did you get notified?
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    AROTC Transfer Approvals?

    Thanks for this response. Yeah the May 6th date on the letter had me a bit stressed. That's pretty useless at that point. You would think they would understand the deadlines by the colleges....
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    AROTC Transfer Approvals?

    Thanks for the response. But hmmmm. DS request letter was posted on 7 March and he hasn't heard anything.
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    AROTC Transfer Approvals?

    DS submitted his transfer request a few days after accepting the scholarship from the second board. E hasn't heard anything. I think I remember the paperwork said they would announce by April 20. Has anyone heard anything yet? If so what board were you offered a scholarship on? Thanks
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    NROTC Board Review Schedule

    Those were last year dates. If you read the whole thread, a knowledgeable member, NavyNOLA, has said that both of the remaining non notified board results (one met and not announce, one still to meet and be announced) will come before the May 1 deadline. In addition, if you read the threads...
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    Scholarship Transfer

    Which ROTC?
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    AFROTC Reboarded notification

    We must have posted at the same time! Congrats to your guy. Still hoping for a yes from NROTC on one of these last two boards.
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    AFROTC Result Today

    DS received a Type 7 today. Received an email. He had met earlier board and was reboarded for this last board. I was surprised because in the reboard letter they said results would be out 10 April.
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    NROTC Board Review Schedule

    We are in the same situation. Anyone got a guess from that list floating around from lasst year when the next release will be? There should be 2 more releases, and NavyNOLA said they all results would be out before 1 May.
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    NROTC Board Review Schedule

    If you read what NavyNOLA wrote I think he was referring to Marine Option scholarships. Aren't those on different time lines?