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    Anyone Have Experience with prep at SUNY Maritime Academy?

    Hello, I was just accepted into SUNY Maritime Academy, and I was denied from the Coast Guard Academy, does anyone have any experience with doing a year of prep at this school and then reapplying? I'm still waiting to hear back from USMMA and I would like to reapply there too if I don't get in...
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    How Long Until We Hear From Admissions?

    mine is not checked off yet either, hopefully, we will find out mid-day, good luck to everyone waiting to hear!
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    First post

    Hey PM me and I can add you to a SA group chat with other seniors applying!
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    I can't believe I'm already asking this question

    If your daughter is a competitive applicant she can have a waiver assigned for her condition. Once diagnosed you cannot hide it from the military or you will be dishonorably disenrolled. Advice, for now, keep her healthy and keep her grades up that will make her a competitive applicant when it...
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    Personal Statement

    I did the same thing but I applied EA and I didn't see those directions I'm sure we will be okay, I'm sure a lot of people did the same thing it's in your portal thats all that matters
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    Daughter checked online and received Single Disqualification D 171.00

    I had the same problem but I will be finished my dose soon. When will your daughter be finished her dose? If it goes into the school year then its a DQ because you cant have daily medication. Talk to her gyn and tell her the situation figure out a safe plan to finish her dose before she would go...
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    Next Step?

    Yes my thinking changes at the drop of a hat I will go wherever I am accepted but yes maybe another visit will solidify things!
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    Next Step?

    Thank you very much! I plan to retake the ACT in February and that's a good idea maybe I should go for a visit!
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    Next Step?

    Hello, I just received my nomination to USMMA and I am very happy and relieved. My question is what is next? Is there another interview with the school directly?
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    Medical Waivers

    I was able to provide enough information to prove the penicillin-allergic reaction was not severe just have your allergist or whichever doctor diagnosed him fax the information that his condition is not severe and that he has or has not had a minor allergic reaction with the medicine. As for the...
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    Careers in the Merchant Marines

    He said that Marine Transportation was his major and he asked me what would I do as a deck officer, and I said ¨I would give commands and insure the safety of the people on the ship as well as make sure we arrive at our destination to make a shipment he said I have been in the service some years...
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    Careers in the Merchant Marines

    Hello I am a 2023 applicant to USMMA and I have my congressional nomination on Saturday and I know they are going to ask me my career aspects. I want to major in Marine Transportation I have been researching but I just need some more insight from actual people who were in this career field...
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    Need Medical DQ Explained

    Thank you, that's a great idea!
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    Need Medical DQ Explained

    Okay, thank you.
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    Need Medical DQ Explained

    Thank you so much this is great news I will notify my doctor right away to send information saying its not severe, The asthma I grew out of it and I do not use an inhaler. Do you just have your doctors send more information? But thank you so much you just took a lot of stress off me!
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    Need Medical DQ Explained

    Hello, I have been on these forums for a year or so and I have been reading peoples forums on medical DQs. I have been disqualified for IBS and Childhood Asthma, is this the end of the road for me? I want to fight this I just need to know what I have to do? Please Help!
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    4th Optional Essay

    Im very sorry to hear that, you are truly inspirational and I look up to what you are doing! I think you should definitly add that in your optional essay anything tat shows fighting adversity like billyb said. I am a highschool senior applicant right now and losing hope a bit in my application...
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    You can only submit your score once so I would check the averages before you send your test in just to be sure but there is a chance they could let you retake it.
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    VP nomination acknowledgement

    I did the same exact thing! I will give word if I hear anything
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    DoDMERB/DoDMETS Question (And... one other question)

    Hi, I was wondering if you would be able to send me some questions from your interview as well? mine is next week and super nervous!