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    USNA Medical Admissions not responding?

    Yep, it is the same with me. Please let me know if you hear anything!
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    In need of advice

    I'm applying this year as well, and here's what I gathered: You must schedule your own exams and report them through the DODMERB portal. Within a few weeks after your exams, you will receive word back from someone if you will need a waiver or not. The academy will then review your application...
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    A few DODMERB questions

    I have finished my exams, yet I have a few lingering issues that I want to get resolved as quickly as possible. I am applying to USNA and NROTC. First, in the events section of my DODMERB-DMACS form, will my eye exam results be shown? I took it way before my whole body exam, yet it does not show...
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    What are some good CFA workouts?

    I'll definitely look into that. Thanks!
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    What are some good CFA workouts?

    Alright, thanks for the advice!
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    What are some good CFA workouts?

    Took the CFA today, and scored as follows: BB Throw: 59 feet Pull-Ups: 9 Shuttle Run: 9.53 seconds Crunches: 61 Push-ups: 55 Mile: 5:20 I am a tall and skinny guy, if that makes any difference. I am really looking to improve everywhere I can. Thank you!