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    Plebes Dropping Already

    Spoke with my DD detailer on Sunday and she spent the evening at AAMC (Anne Arundel) one night last week with one of her plebes who collapsed from heat exhaustion. Thankfully her plebe ended up okay, but she said that there definitely seems to be more heat related illnesses this year than she...
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    Plebes Dropping Already

    Hi wayne323. I am a bit of a lurker here - don't post much. But my DD is a 2C (and current 1st set detailer). I have some info about club tennis for you. It's a co-ed club sport. Club tennis only started in Fall 2018 - by a Firstie who had played varsity tennis for two years, but had left...
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    Class of 2022 DIY USNA Appointment Thread

    Below is my original post back on 12/6 (Page 2, Post #40) when I added DD's appointment notification. No big deal that it was deleted by someone following me. Maybe the page moderator can add it to the list again. USNA Class of 2022 Appointments: 1) TechFlier7 / Self / LOA / 18-Sep-2017 /...
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    Class of 2022 DIY USNA Appointment Thread

    I logged in to check the list to see if any other NC candidates had posted appointments and noticed my DD's appointment was no longer on the list. She was #10 on it a month ago. Hers must have gotten dropped off during someone's subsequent cut and paste!
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    Notification of Appointment

    DD received a call a few days after her interview from Junior Senator notifying her of nomination. The next day she checked her portal and there was a nomination update, but it was a nomination from our Congressman. He never did interviews and never notified her verbally of her nomination, so...
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    CFA evaluation and email!

    I agree with NovaGrad. Your daughter has similar scores to our DD, some higher and some lower, but the overall package appears very competitive based on DD's scores and others she heard about (DD had 40 feet on throw, 5 pull ups, 9.2 shuttle, 95 sit ups, 50 push ups and 6:15 mile.) She took...
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    Class of 2022 DIY USNA Appointment Thread

    USNA Class of 2022 Appointments: 1) TechFlier7 / Self / LOA / 18-Sep-2017 / Accepted / CA / Presidential Nomination, Direct Appointment 2) klcm54a / DS / LOA / 13-Nov-2017 / Undecided / AK / Presidential Nomination, Direct Appointment 3) Johnathan / DS / No LOA / 13-Nov-2017 / Accepted / NC-04...
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    Physical while on "my days"?

    Hi foxtrot17. My DD had your experience and it did trigger a remedial. She had to go back to another lab and have the urinalysis done again. After the new test was submitted, the remedial was cleared in two days.
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    NASS acceptances

    DD applied a few days after the application opened and received an email earlier today with acceptance into the 2nd session.