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    Dorm question

    I accepted my appointment to the USMA Class of 2018 early February. Now that the anxiety is gone I have minor questions such as the barrack set up. I've heard different answers and was wondering: Is it three or two cadets to a room, and do you stay with the same 2/3 cadets from your first to...
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    Losing Appointment

    I have recently accepted an appointment to West Point. Nothing is set and stone, but if I receive a C in AP Calculus or AP English, will I lose my appointment. Like I said, nothing is definite. I can still pull out a B or even an A. Any response helps. Thank you.
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    I got a letter from West Point which put me in the final cut.mdo my nominations still have any weight, or are they useless at that point.
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    I understand you only need one nomination to any of the academies. My question is does having multiple nominations to West Point benefit me at all? I received a presidential nomination, a congressional nomination, and nominations from both of my senators for a combined total of four. I'm aware...