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    Parents lurking.

    First of all, I love that flag/baseball avatar. It’s been awhile since I’ve been on this forum. I am thankfully a USNA 2021 dad and my DS is doing great his plebe year. But I was once in your shoes. He applied to Navy,Army and AF summer programs as a junior. He did not get accepted to AF, but...
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    Requesting Help for DS - SAT vs. ACT

    You should never advise anyone “he or she will get an LOA”. So much subjectivity and unknowns for you to offer this expectation. My DS had similar stats, great leadership, GPA, rank, team capt, etc. Did not get LOA. Got wait listed for 2020. Did not receive appointment. 2021 college reapplicant...
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    Attend I-Day or PPW for additional family members (beyond parents)?

    My son is USNA 2021 we are very thankful we chose I-day to be “parents only” and PPW for bringing up aging grandparents from Florida. I-Day was a very hot day and lots of down time before the oath of office at the end of the day. My mother would have been done hours before the ceremony. PPW...
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    Admissions board happenings

    I have to agree with old Navy BGO on this. They way I understand it from a classmate who is a Regional BGO coordinator and has several former USNA admissions staff as BGOs in his area, a junior officer in admissions - I assume this to be an admissions counselor, otherwise who? - briefs the...
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    Plebe Summer Commandant

    I'm feeling old. His father Captain Steve Chadwick took over as Commandant my 1/C year in 1985. He was a great officer and I'm sure the brigade is in good hands with his son in the same position.
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    A Question for College Reapplicants about Plan B

    Go where you think you will be happy for 4 years if the second try doesn't work. My DS was a successful NROTC re applicant from UMD-CP this year. So were two others from his battalion at Maryland.
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    To accept or not to accept

    Back to the subject the the OP started. My DS was in your shoes last year. Appointment to WP, waitlist USNA. I believe on this exact day last year he declined West Point. They asked for April 15th decision as I recall. His plan B was NROTC scholarship and reapply and he is now appointed second...
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    I agree with some but not all of the advice given in this discussion. My DS is a fortunate 2nd try appointee to class of 2021. This year he is he is taking the basic core mech engineering freshman curriculum along with NROTC, club lacrosse and vice president of his dorm council. I disagree...
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    Navy Loads Up

    Yep, got it flieger. Notice I didn't offer any time frame for "back in the day" just as Maple didn't for his "Air Force domination over Navy" Heck, back in the day Army was winning those championships "The" Academy in Colorado Springs wasn't built yet ;) Funny things stats and how you can focus...
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    Navy Loads Up

    Nice stats Maple. You are correct, Air Force has won 4 of the last 7. Gee, I wonder why you stopped your history at 2010? Maybe because of Air Force 7 game losing streak leading up to your snap shot? Which would make it 4 out of the last 14 right? Yes, Air Force did used to dominate this...
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    Navy Loads Up

    Really? Maybe Air Force used to dominate Navy would be more accurate. Since the Paul Johnson/Ken Niumatatolo head coaching era began in 2002 Navy is 10-5 in the series over Air Force.
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    College grades with appointment

    jebdad - How do you know second semester courses are required documents for the admissions board? Not required for my college re-applicant DS. He was never asked and he received an appointment. Anyone advising this young man/woman that dropping a spring semester elective is a bad idea even...
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    Wisdom teeth

    I'm sorry to restart old news for you time2 but I did search old threads and could not find the recommended time before I-day I was looking for. I felt this was possible useful info for 2021 parents/mids. And notice that I was not making an argument whether or not to get wisdom teeth removed...
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    Wisdom teeth

    Yes, I mentioned in post he has spring break this week and we have travel plans after exams last week of May. He'll just have to miss some class
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    Wisdom teeth

    I thought I would pass along some info we just learned in case it may apply to other 2021 appointees. My DS is a college re-applicant and he saw our local dentist yesterday while home for spring break for a couple days. Dentist said "third molars" need to come out. I read somewhere where USNA...
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    Class of 2021 USNA Appointment Thread

    123) Trigger/DS/No LOA/Appt. 03/01/2017/Accepted/GA-03/Senatorial, Congressional, Presidential and NROTC nominations/College Re-applicant Also, his Senatorial nomination was from David Perdue who is the first term junior senator in Georgia. DS portal showed Congress/Senator 1. Last year he...
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    Urgent Application Question

    Don't fret KLC. My DS is a college reapplicant and it took several weeks for his transcripts to show up on his portal. He called a couple weeks ago and was informed that as long as transcripts are postmarked by 1/31/17 it satisfies the deadline requirement. I guess there is one individual in...
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    Congressional Nomination as a Principal

    That's a very interesting article Graham. Never knew that. Sincerely. But as far as the portal goes, I think you and others are over thinking this. Each state has two senators. One is a "1" and the other is a "2" as far as we can see. There is of course a link on the USNA admissions side...
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    Congressional Nomination as a Principal

    I've seen that theory posted before and it's not accurate in our state. DS has nomination from the junior 1st term senator. It says congress/senator 1. He is a reapplicant this year. Last year he got a nomination from the more senior senator. Last year his said "2". So I don't think there...