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    Chances for an Air Force Rated Slot

    Thanks, I plan on getting quite a few flight hours between now and the board I apply for and I also have some pretty good letters of recommendation, for what it’s worth. My ultimate goal is to be an officer in the Air Force and I understand that it is totally the needs of the Air Force but my...
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    Chances for an Air Force Rated Slot

    I am starting to put together my package for Air Force OTS and wanted to see what everyone says about my chances of being picked up. Education Degree: Civil Engineering College: Florida State University GPA: 2.9 Scores AFOQT: P88/N27/A56/V39/Q72 PCSM: 51 (0 Flight Hours) ABM: 69 CSO: 27...
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    AFROTC 2 Year Program

    Does anyone here know if there is going to be a two-year program for next year?
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    2017 AFROTC LEAD Info

    My det had 100% selection also!
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    Blended Retirement and AFROTC

    My cadre informed me that if you are contracted before 1 January 2018, you will be under the old retirement system. Not saying that this is true or not, just letting you know what I was told.
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    2017 AFROTC LEAD Info

    Just a thread for cadets to post information that they have been told about LEAD.
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    AFROTC Rods & Pins

    Hello, I am a sophomore in college and I plan on joining the AFROTC at Florida State University this fall. I have a rod and some screws in my femur, pelvis, and ankle. I was cleared by my doctor to participate in any activity that I wanted to do in 2011. None of the metal is easily susceptible...