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    CBT 2017 Packing Question

    For the "sports-type wicking underwear," can it have a logo / writing on the waistband, or does no logos mean no logos whatsoever? I've heard conflicting reports.
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    Admissible Packets

    Once she accepts her appointment, her portal will be updated with an Admissible Packet (a new section will appear) that will give you access to the first batch of paperwork. According to one document, there are four of these, which is what my original question was concerning. So to answer your...
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    Admissible Packets

    When do additional Admissible Packets come out? I only have one available right now (out of 4, if I remember correctly), and was wondering if I'm falling behind. Is it simply as you finish each one, or is it at a certain time for everyone? Thanks.
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    Chances of getting in after a waiver

    For me, the first change I saw was in the "Official Correspondence" area on the Home page of the portal. A PDF showed up that was titled "Waiver Approved." It was almost two weeks before my status changed on the Overview page. My best advice at this point would be to have patience.
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    Chances of getting in after a waiver

    It depends on several factors: strength of application, nature of the waiver, likelihood of recovery from / resolution of whatever the medical issue may be, needs of the Army, among others. I had a somewhat serious shoulder surgery in late October and received a waiver in early February...
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    USMA 2021 Class Motto

    @Kicker2021 I like the idea of using something card-related, nice catch. I've seen some pretty good ideas on the USMA 2021 Facebook page as well.
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    Purchasing Boots On-Post

    What exactly is the acceptance letter? The leather-bound folder with the certificate of appointment in it?
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    Purchasing Boots On-Post

    I tried an insole, but it was too tight against the top of my foot. I also tried using a heel liner, but the adhesive wouldn't stick well to the material of the boot.
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    Purchasing Boots On-Post

    This is the same issue I was having. The heel feels a little loose, but I don't know how much of a problem that will cause. Other than that, I absolutely love the T-8. If I go down another half size, the toe will probably be too short.
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    SLE 2017

    Practice the basketball throw. It is an unnatural position and movement, and the only way to nail it is to practice. Stay in good shape, work on your pushups, and if you're not already there, try to be able to do at least one pull-up. Other than that, go in with an open mind, take every...
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    Purchasing Boots On-Post

    So I have ordered three pairs of boots, and none of them seems to fit quite right. I'll be driving in the vicinity of Fort Hood this weekend, and was hoping to go to one of the stores there so I can actually try on the boots. As an accepted candidate, am I allowed onto the base for this...
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    USMA Day Vist

    Also, for what it's worth, he'll be in good company. There are always cadets hobbling around on crutches or in some state of medical recovery. They're so active that they're bound to get hurt from time to time.
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    On a slightly different topic, cadets are allowed to wear insoles with their boots during Beast, right? I don't know why they wouldn't be allowed, but I just wanted to clarify before buying some. I can't go try on boots because nowhere near me sells them, so I've ordered several pairs and the...
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    USMA Day Vist

    Not quite the same, but I went to my nomination interview in a very competitive district with my arm in a massive balloon-like contraption only a few weeks out of surgery and it turned out fine. Of course it wouldn't be optimal to visit while on the DL as he likely wouldn't get the full...
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    X-Ray vs. Radiograph

    I'm in the process of scheduling an appointment with my dentist to complete all the dental screening paperwork, and I am a bit confused. In the "Instructions for Applicants Offered Admission" packet, it says that "X-rays in lieu of the above radiographs are not accepted." My dentist's...
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    Running Shoes

    Are there any restrictions as far as color is concerned for the running shoes? And when it says they should be relatively new, does that mean they should not be bought until around May? Thanks.
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    Points of Contact

    This may be a dumb question but I haven't been able to find anything about it on my portal or on the forum. Who needs to be listed in my "Points of Contact?" What will these be used for? Thanks.
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    File reviewed but no notification?

    It is definitely too early to get worried. From what I've heard, MOCs are given 3-5 days to notify candidates before the BFE is sent out / portal is updated. The MOC and his/her staff may have been otherwise occupied, a decision could have been made after they left the office, or a number of...
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    Boot Memo

    So it should show up when the Admissible Packets show up? How long after acceptance does that usually take?
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    Boot Memo

    I accepted my appointment on Saturday (March 4). Should I be able to see the Boot Memo by now, or will that update later? Also, is it located on the Overview page or somewhere else? Thanks!