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    Debate Team

    Does anyone have any information about the Debate Team? I have never done debate in high school but I was wondering if it was possible to join as a novice. Also, is the Debate Team compatible with a varsity sport?
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    College Reapplicants

    Not sure if the procedure is the same for all service academies, but I received an LOA from AFA. Even though I didn't get an LOA from WP or USNA, I heard back from both in late January/early Feb. So it may not be as late as you think it is!
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    Reapplying from Civilian College

    I'm sure that joining NROTC would help, but I don't think it will make or break the decision. For me personally, I did not do NROTC and got appointed. But at the same time, it is important to note that every applicant is different. Honestly, just do what you think is best for you and do your...
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    Second semester college grades

    Thank you for the link!
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    Second semester college grades

    I will be an economics major at USNA, but I'm currently an engineering major at another college. Would calculus 3 be one of these courses where the validation test is the only thing that matters?
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    Second semester college grades

    Does it help at all (even just a tiny bit) if you get an A in your classes for validation? Or is it purely based only on the validation test scores?
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    World Languages Question

    Don't worry about matching the USNA. Tell him to do what he wants to do. Honestly, 1 year of a foreign language isn't going to change anything. USNA will come soon enough when he forgets about it and devotes all of his time and effort into what HE is passionate about. At least that's what...
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    Appointments: Stats

    3.86 gpa 4 year varsity swim, Captain 3 year varsity water polo, Captain Band, orchestra, some honor societies, engineering internship, 500+ volunteer hours. ACT: 34 10 APs and 30 credit hours from college
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    I'm also a college applicant. Transcript was received after Christmas. Got the BFE today! Letter was printed on January 23.
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    Does the BFE come before or after one accepts the offer on the AFA Portal?
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    Student Athlete Study Abroad

    Do D1 sports (such as Crew and Water Polo) give their mids the opportunity to study abroad?
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    Physics Validation

    I understand that AP scores are not used for validating physics, but does having a 4 or 5 help during the validation process? Also, if one got a 5 in Physics C junior year, how hard would it be to re-study for the validation test? I seem to have forgotten a lot of the material off the top of my...
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    Texas MOCs

    I've heard back from both my House Rep and Senator Cornyn