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    Any questions?

    Can you explain what "swim pep" is vs. "normal" pep. Are you saying if you get injured running they make you switch to doing swim workouts during plebe summer?
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    Principal Nom- Wait List

    I am sure it's very upsetting to you. You had what you thought was a sure thing, now it's not. I would have to think USNA is trying to get all the principal nominees in and you would be toward the front of the wait list. Squeaky wheel gets the oil. I'd certainly try to get a face to face...
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    Principal Nom- Wait List

    I an astounded USNA is wait listing some principal nominees. I was always under the assumption (like I'm sure many others were) that 3q with a principal nomination was the golden ticket. There must be some wiggle room in the law for USNA to be able to wait list these principal nominees. It will...
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    Permanent Retainer

    My daughter had a permanent retainer in high school so I understand what your talking about. Just my opinion, but I'd remove it. Know they are expensive. Really sucks but I think it's gonna cause you a problem come I day.
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    USNA Class of 2018 Appointment Thread

    1. Go Navy!(DS), OH-06, Presidential, 27 Sep 13 2. Goldenlion (DS), Presidential, 4 Oct 13 3. fhughes33(DD), SC-01, Presidential, 2 Oct 13 4. Aspiring_Midshipman, TX-19, Presidential, 9 Nov 13 5. Jcatch, IL-16, Presidential, 16 Nov 13 6. krhern (DS), OK-01, Senatorial and Congressional, 27...
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    Letter from admissions

    Certainly sounds encouraging that she may receive an appointment.
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    USNA Class of 2018 Appointment Thread

    Interesting to see the dates Looks like USNA Appointment letters go out around mid month per this string. I would assume that's the date on the letter?
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    The Service Academies and the 8 Ivy League schools compete in Division 1 athletics but do not offer athletic scholarships. There is absolutely nothing "official" related to athletics for students to sign who plan to attend these schools. A coach may extend a verbal offer to assist the...
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    Allergy and Asthma restrictions

    I believe asthma will be cause for DQ. You will need to receive medical waiver.
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    How much longer to hear from USNA regarding a waiver?

    DD was initially DQ'd for sports injury that had completely healed. DQ was reversed by DODMerb once additional paperwork was submitted from her own doctor as regards to the injury.
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    How much longer to hear from USNA regarding a waiver?

    Be proactive. If you have a medical DQ,you can have your own doctor re-examine you and send in a letter and supporting documentation to DODMerb to try and get the DQ removed outright thereby eliminating the need for a waiver. My DD did exactly that and it worked. She initially was medically...
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    LOA and nomination question

    DD is recruited athlete and was just recently was offered an LOA. She has also received a competitive nomination from her congressman. She is qualified medically, academically and physically as well. We are assuming an appointment will occur. My question is this. If DD receives an...
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    Summer Seminar Question

    DD submitted her application last year on the very first day the summer seminar application opened up on line. She heard within 2 weeks that she had been accepted for summer seminar.
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    Transcript Question

    You can send it yourself as long as it an officially sealed transcript from your school. My daughter sent hers that way without issue.
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    Deferred status by admissions board

    First semester transcript My DD submitted her transcript in August prior to her senior year. She has received no email requesting first semester grades from her senior year. Her application was complete in Sept and she has a nom. Do we need to send in her first semester senior year grades now...
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    USNA vs. UPenn (Wharton) NROTC

    USNA grads average starting salary The referenced article from an earlier post in this thread "Colleges with Highest Paid Grads" is somewhat misleading. $77k is the average starting salary for USNA Graduates AFTER their 5 year Navy commitment has been completed. The info in this article was...
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    Florida Nominations

    Decision letters I checked Senator Rubio's website and it now says decision letters will be mailed by Dec 20th. So I guess we will soon know. I don't see anything on Patrick Murphy's website about when he will notify.
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    Florida Nominations

    Anyone hear from Senator Rubio or Congressman Patrick Murphy on Nominations? Any idea when nominations will be announced?
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    Recruited for sports

    If he is designated a Blue Chip recruit he will get points added to his whole person score to give him a significant advantage over other candidates to receive an appointment. Basically, your son is in a really great position. Congrats!
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    Recruited for sports

    JJBsDad thanks for the clarification on the recruited athlete definition. Good information. I would be interested to know if recruited athletes actually sign a "national letter of intent" for the USNA. Civilian colleges do this but I do not know if a recruited athlete at Navy actually signs. The...