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    Army ROTC 2023-2024 2nd Board

    Did you get an email of the change? My DD still says boarded/under consideration, but it says she will be reviewed again by the January board so am assuming that means the page hasn't yet been udpated?
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    Dates for A day and R day 2023

    Does anyone know where to find the dates for A day and R day for 2023? i only see the 2022-2023 academic calendar on the West Point site. I wasn't sure if they always fall on the same days each year (i.e, fourth Monday) or if there's someplace else I should be looking. Thanks!
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    USMA Class of 2027 Appointment List - Self-Updating

    THE FORMAT: This is the simplest and oldest format, a straight text list, no formatted tables, that is described in following paragraphs. If you decide to import a table or spreadsheet format to “help” the thread, please take full responsibility for it to the end of the cycle. Provide clear...