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  1. Dadx4

    NROTC Tier 2 BA/BS Question

    Can anyone tell me if NROTC Tier 2 has to be a Bachelor of Science, or can it be a Bachelor of Arts as long as the major is listed? Thanks!
  2. Dadx4

    Movie: The Last Full Measure

    A friend of mine was the Air Force PJ Advisor for the movie, The Last Full Measure, honoring Medal of Honor Recipient A1C William H. Pitsenbarger. It's in theaters now, and I just finished watching it with my wife. A "must see." One of the best movies I've ever seen. For all of the veterans...
  3. Dadx4

    NROTC Transfer Question

    I was hoping someone could help with this situation. If DD has an NROTC Scholarship to RD college #1 (has not heard from yet), was accepted to EA college #2 which was unexpected, but higher on her list than college #1, and also has RD application pending to college #3, which has now become her...
  4. Dadx4

    Green Check Good, Green Check Bad

    Was happy and sad to see a green check next to 7th semester transcript request. Happy file is complete again, but DD2 tanked her grades 1st semester, so we are now expecting a TWE from USMA. :sadwavey:
  5. Dadx4

    Academies Aware of MOC Nomination Procedures?

    When an academy reviews a candidate from a highly competitive district, do they take into consideration that the candidate was limited to only one possible nomination?
  6. Dadx4


    TWE in mail for DD today. Good luck everyone, and Merry Christmas!
  7. Dadx4

    Senate vs. Congressional

    Any thoughts on the relative value of senate nominations vs. congressional? Is a congressional nomination more valuable because the battle to win the district slate is less fierce than competing with the top candidates from the entire state? I know that it's an amazing honor to have either (or...
  8. Dadx4


    Hi. Can anyone tell me what the headache standards are for SAs/ROTC? Any advice or dos/donts before DD sends in AMI? Fearing DQ. Thank you!
  9. Dadx4

    ALOs, Parents, and Cadets...

    If you could choose only one "best" book to help candidates prepare for the application process, which would you recommend? Thanks!
  10. Dadx4

    Summer Seminar SAT/ACT

    On the Summer Seminar application, are standardized test scores optional? Do they play a big role in the selection process? DD's scores are a "work in progress." Thanks for any advice!
  11. Dadx4

    Which District or Both?

    If I own a second piece of real estate in a different district within my state, can my kid apply from either district even though they primarily reside in one of them? I'm considering moving my job to a different part of the state that is too far for me commute (so I will buy a small home there...
  12. Dadx4

    State/District Coordination Question

    Mods, BGOs, ALOs, RCs, anyone else. I tried to research this question on the forum, and I got patchy information, so I wanted to ask it directly. Do the academies know which Districts and Senators coordinate to avoid double-nominations (to the same or different academies)? Do they take...
  13. Dadx4

    Admissions Site Down

    Could that mean that they are loading the portals full of good news??? :)
  14. Dadx4

    Question about LOEs

    Can an LOE come as an email? DS got a personalized email saying his package was competitive and to focus on improving standardized test scores. Would this be considered an LOE?
  15. Dadx4

    Requesting Help for DS - SAT vs. ACT

    I'm throwing this out to the forum for DS, because you all are incredibly experienced and have been so helpful during this process. So... DS has SAT 1480 (740/740) single sitting (and best superscores), and that is the high score on his portal. DS just got ACT from December - 34 Math, 35...
  16. Dadx4

    Requesting Presidential Nomination Early a Mistake?

    When DS submitted his packages to service academies this summer, he sent his request for Presidential Nomination early. This eliminated his chance of receiving an LOA. It seems as though alot of LOAs were given out this year. The reason for him sending in the Presidential early was to be...
  17. Dadx4

    Expecting Rejection at NROTC School

    DS is expecting rejection at NROTC scholarship school. He applied EA, and those results should come out any day. If in fact rejected EA, what should he do with his NROTC scholarship. Does it hang in limbo until he decides where he's going later next year?
  18. Dadx4

    Admissions Updates

    How often should Admissions be updated on senior year achievements? Should an email be sent with each new achievement because candidates never know when they will be boarded? Or should they go periodically as a list (as to not be overwhelming)? Any advice would be appreciated!
  19. Dadx4

    7th Semester Grades or SAT?

    Is it worth sacrificing 7th semester grades by taking a week off of school to study for the upcoming SAT to improve scores? What's more important, 7th semester grades or SAT?
  20. Dadx4

    Remedial DODMERB?

    Can anyone explain why my DS's DODMERB status is "REMEDIAL" on the portal and "QUALIFIED" on the DODMERB Status Page? Confused...