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    NROTC to Naval Aviator

    I have a similar thread in the USNA forum, but was wondering if anyone here was/is or has a DS/DD that went NROTC and got an aviation spot and what that process was like for them going through college. Thanks!
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    Best route to become a naval aviator

    I know i’ve made clear in previous threads - but maybe someone has a cookie cut answer. Are my chances of becoming a naval aviator greastest at USNA, USMMA, or going NROTC at VT. If anyone has some insight on this, that’d be great. Thank you!
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    I know a previous thread has a similar question, but I suppose mine is more specific to my situation. I received my TWE today and am torn between my two options. I’ve mentioned before that I have an offer to Kings Point and the door has also been opened with my NROTC scholarship at VT. Part of...
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    Still no answer....

    I made a previous thread about contacting my NROTC selection school, Virginia Tech, about potentially getting off the waitlist for the school. I called, let the secretary know my situation, and said she'd get me in touch with the LT. Never came through. Before this, I shot him an email and left...
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    NAPS Eligibility/chances

    Hey all. Like many others, i’m still currently CPR to USNA and was wondering what they look for when considering a candidate for NAPS. I have a 4.2 weighted GPA and a 30 ACT (took it 8 times and raised my score 9 pts) but didn’t have the opportunity to take many AP’s in HS since I go to a...
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    Wait Listed to VT...

    Received the national NROTC scholarship but was wait listed to the school they put me at - Virginia Tech... Would this have potential to take me off the wait list?
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    USMMA Eyesight Standards

    I know I made clear in a previous thread that I was interested in going active duty upon graduation from USMMA, but I am still open to the idea of sailing as a career. I understand that USNA does PRK for mids with poor eyesight who want to service select aviation upon graduation and was...
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    Kings Point Overview

    Happy to say I received my appointment to KP earlier this month. However, I want to know more about the school and what Kings Point is like vs the other academies. Im not interested in the maritime industry and plan on being a naval aviator. Applied to USNA but want to focus on my plan B until I...
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    When should I expect a turndown?

    Like a lot of other candidates, I’ve been CPR since the fall. I have two noms and still haven’t heard anything from admissions. As I see more and more appointments go out, I can’t help but to get anxious that time is running out. When should I expect a turndown? Also, if USNA doesn’t fall...
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    Summer Seminar and BGO Interview

    I have had this question for quite some time, but have never gotten a definitive answer. How much will the Naval Academy take into account your BGO interview and Summer Seminar evaluation? I feel like a blew my chances since I got a C+ in AP Calc this semester and only have a 28 on my ACT...