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    Bring to I Day/send in care package/ bring to PPW

    This may be to late but DD took tennis racket in her back pack to I Day. She was glad to have it.
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    CFA during Virtual Summer Seminar

    Thank you
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    CFA during Virtual Summer Seminar

    Thank you. my oldest went to NASS 2018. She did not receive a report either. Just that she passed, when she took it.
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    CFA during Virtual Summer Seminar

    Can someone share their experience with the CFA during Virtual SS? Will/can this be used as an official assessment, since there will not be an official present to administer? TIA
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    USNA Alumni Association

    What 20USNA23 states is excellent and all correct. A year ago, my DW and I were exactly where you are. DD accepted fairly late. We were not military I originally thought it was cheesy to join the alumni assoc. I didn't deserve to be a part of such an org. Was I ever wrong. Well, I don't...
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    The Waiting List

    There is some conjecture/urban legend around what happened. I won't repeat it here. I will say the young ladies name will remain lore in my family for ever. We will never forget the detailers walking the yard yelling for her. One of the few specifics my Mid remembers from I Day.
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    16 Cadets Test Positive

    Very misleading. This is a virus that attacks the elderly and those with underlying conditions. Look at the facts. Of the 39K plus of people who passed in Italy less than 1% were under 50. That's 350. In my state 97% of deaths are over 60 (and this is not taking into account underlying...
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    Virtual Summer Seminar

    My guess is, it is Stew Smith. He has run PEP for several years for NASS. He is great follow on insta, FB etc. He has excellent prep guides for various services "enlistments" available through his web site.
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    Parachute Team

    Spot on feedback as usual
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    Parachute Team

    If you DM me I know a Mid with first hand knowledge that is happy to answer questions about USNAPT
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    Go and follow the Mid Store on FB. My guess is, if you do a search of previous posts you, you will find it there.
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    Useful Items NOT on Your SA Packing List

    That match hair color
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    Navy Federal Credit Union

    If I remember correctly the direct deposit info needed to be sent in prior to I Day, but I definitely could be wrong. I did not fill any of the forms, my DD did. I would recommend you fill it in now. I believe company name is referring to bank name. My DD opened a USAA acct and listed...
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    is it necessary that I complete the PPD Skin test?

    The Quantiferon is a one time stick/blood draw. It is an excellent test. This may be a better option given the current situation.
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    Summer 2020 Opportunities (Year of COVID-19)

    Thank you for posting this Capt MJ. Ironically, I just spoke to my rising Sr. DD about adding Wake to her list of schools. We live in the center of the country and she is not familiar with WF. We were talking about how best to utilize her time this summer since Girls State, NASS, SLE, Cyber...
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    Woohoo....A 74%.

    I mentioned the curve to my DD. As she understands it, since Chem is a class wide course, the curve works that way as well. The curve would be across the entire class not just one class. That is, it is not at one instructors decision, but all instructors of Chem 2. Seems a bit inequitable...
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    Woohoo....A 74%.

    A 5 point curve would be well received by the Mid staying in my house.
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    NASS Acceptance?

    You can not apply for CVW. Invites are extended by admissions. There has been no statement made about postponing or cancelling SS or CVW's. The Supe addressed summer programs in a youtube video last week. We can all assume, based on what is going on, that NASS is in jeopardy. I was...
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    Boys State Canceled

    Our state's Boys State has cancelled. Girls State is still scheduled. My DD was accepted to GS. If it does get cancelled, I would think she would still qualify as a GS Attendee.
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    Time to throw in the towel

    DD received LOA a year ago this coming Monday followed by appointment the following Monday. Keep up the hope. The Supe has stated admissions is a priority. With all that is going on, I have to think the process is still slowed slightly. Good Luck!!!