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    Class of 2024: The Journey Begins

    Easy solution .... issue the Plebes a few mousetraps and create a little competition or bounty system , maybe a little carry -on at meals. Midshipmen are by nature competitive, and it would be very effective ! My First Class year, a couple of our Plebes took it upon themselves to have a...
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    PETA Wants the AFA to Stop Using Live Falcon Mascots

    Hey..there is a place for all of nature's animals ---- on my plate, right next to the Mashed Potatos and sweet corn !
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    Care Packages to USNA

    Heavily perfumed letters are also popular !
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    Stipend and budget= Savings?

    Wow..a '25 Candidate already planning on how to save his earnings... a regular Alex Keaton ! Great that you are thinking about retirement funds this young, but I wouldn't spend to much time thinking about it , at least until you get accepted. Midshipman never see their entire pay ... my...
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    Info for 2025 Candidates

    Thanks for posting '85 ! I just received an email through the BGO channels that there is still some work to do on the new BGIS system. For anyone that has gone through any type of software cutover/launch, you will understand there are growing pains. With respect to "virtual" interviews, I...
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    Standardized tests

    All I can say is be patient...nobody knows how long this is going to last and what the SAT/ACT are going to address testing during COVID. USNA Admissions has already made one accomodation -- everyone that submits a Preliminary Application is going to be considered an Official Applicant, get a...
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    Class of 2024: The Journey Begins

    Of course,,, it will be nice for the next two weeks..then when the ROM is completed, the heat and humidity pumps will get started :)! After Plebe Summer and a few weeks in Annapolis during Protramid Second Class summer (and of course June Week Prades), I swore I would never visit the area in...
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    Class of 2024: The Journey Begins

    So that is how they are going to feed the Plebes for two weeks ! :) :) :) A nice intro, and will likely reduce the need for head calls ! (Just joking Parents, I am sure DS/DD will be well taken care of !)
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    Candidate Activity Record

    Whoa...easy there hot runner...This is a marathon, not a sprint ! (You are going to hear that repeatedly until April next year). There is no need to get a jump on the Application. There are somewhere around 15,000+ prospective candidates out there, waiting for their portals to open. Be...
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    Freshman Resume HS- '23 - Help me find the weak spots in my resume

    Wow.. read the last few posts and just had to ask myself ....What....? (actually added a few more words to that, but this is a family Forum).
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    Counselor Letter for Homeschooled Applicants?

    Just to be clear ... you don't have to ask Math and English teachers to write "letters." Once the Candidate is an Official Candidate, they will have the chance to identify the name, email address of their Math and English teacher, and USNA will contact them directly with the form for an...
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    Capital Gazette Article

    Might be splitting hairs, and probably doesn't matter...but is the reporting 4 days including NAPS on Sunday, or 4 days in addition to NAPS on Sunday? NAPS has always (at least since '81) reported early. I have always looked at this as giving USNA a trial run to exercise its process before the...
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    The Gunsmith Thread

    Yup...I meant to put "idiot proof" in quotes... I've seen plenty of examples of Darwin at work !
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    The Gunsmith Thread

    Makes me think ... I'm surprised that no one has come up with a way to mark different rifle/handgun ammo so that distinguishing between sizes is (almost ) idiot proof, like red 12 ga shells v. yellow 20 ga. shells. Probably because there are so many calibers/loads that it is impractical.
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    The Gunsmith Thread

    Dayum... may be a stupid question , but is the gun repairable ? I am surprised that he even brought it in and 'fessed up to his stupidity. (If damage isn't too readily visible, perhaps he can gt $100 at one of those gun buy back things....)
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    Plebe summer swimming

    There are plenty of things to be worried about as you head into Plebe Summer..but swimming isn't one of them. Think about it , Plebes get to go swimming, sailing, rifle/pistol range, etc --sounds like summer camp, how bad can it be ? :):):) Seriously, any time out of the clutches of...
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    Plebe summer swimming

    "Comfortable in the Water" is really the key -- during the 4 year USNA swim program, you will learn to do all sorts of things in the water. It gets even better if you go Aviation, where mad scientists have come up with a variety of devices designed to drown you ! There is plenty of...
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    There is one official source of information - USNA Admissions. Unnamed sources aren't reliable. If you missed a message, someone here will pipe up, but I expect that USNA will being doing its normal issue.
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    Do you suppose Larry Mullen looks like Yoda?

    I gotta admit... that first post COVID haircut was pretty special a few weeks ago. Mid lockdown, I was joking with one of my law partners , a retired Marine Colonel and coincidentally same year group as I was, about how this was the longest I had gone without a haircut in almost 40 years ...
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    relationship officer and enlisted

    Now that would be way cool...BZ !