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    Humor for my Navy and Marine friends

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    Happy Fourth of July 2020

    Thanks for the links and Happy Independence Day. We are the greatest nation. Not because we are a superior people, but because of our freedoms. Our warts, scars, and terrible stains are many, and we still are trying to get it right, but I agree that there is no place I would rather be.
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    I mentioned Matthew Maury here a few days ago. My office at BUMED was his as superintendent of the naval observatory and the one where he wrote his letter of resignation from the USN. The man LITERALLY wrote the book on oceanography and his contributions to navigating the sea lanes changed the...
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    More sock questions...

    Your entire post is excellent but this last sentence is very important for the parents and the kid. Parents need to chill. And don't tell me, "it's easy for you to say." It never gets easier giving over a child to the military. My son used to call me on his burner phone before he got on a...
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    New “Fat Albert” for Blue Angels

    Looove Hong Kong. Never flew in or out but the air port, in the sea port, then Victoria's Peak. Great place. Or used to be. Me and a couple buddies were walking around late one night looking for munchies before heading back to the ship and we asked a young local woman where the nearest...
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    Humor for my Navy and Marine friends

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    New “Fat Albert” for Blue Angels

    Have you ever flown out of John Wayne probably soon to be again Orange County airport? The first time for me was several years ago after a conference. I stepped into the plane and the captain was greeting us and he seemed very cheerful and chatty and was wearing cowboy boots. The jetway...
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    One of my FB groups had a witty new name for the white hat but I can't remember and am too lazy, I mean too busy to look for it.
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    New “Fat Albert” for Blue Angels

    I don’t think there are any JATO packs left but I saw Fat Albert do this at Cecil Field in 1994ish.
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    So Yale does not get federal funds? I’ll answer that. Of course they do. One argument for not changing Yale’s name is, “That name is no longer associated with the man, it’s associated with the school.” Graduates of army infantry or jump school know they did it at Fort Benning and bought...
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    What about Elihu Yale? He was a slave trader and his name is still on the sign at Yale University. Of course Yale has many powerful alumni and lots of wealthy donors. That might be a heavy lift to remove that name. Fort Benning and Fort Bragg should be much easier. The alumni of those two...
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    concert for Valor

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    Humor for my Navy and Marine friends

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    concert for Valor

    wow, two new guys commenting on a six year old thread.
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    PETA Wants the AFA to Stop Using Live Falcon Mascots

    Those birds get treated like your favorite child. The raptors and handlers are top notch. I’m a Bama man but watching that eagle swoop down to the field before an Auburn home game is an awesome experience. I’ve attended most every medical management of chemical and biological casualties the...
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    Disenrolled from AFROTC, must enlist

    It is with great humility that I dare to intrude on the best use of your time, but spending two years among the enlisted people of the world's greatest air force will have you working with airmen who also have college degrees and some of the best technical training of all the world's militaries...
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    Counselor Letter for Homeschooled Applicants?

    Since you asked us to be gentle... The counselor input is valuable due to their access to the kid’s complete record which subject teachers do not. As @Old Navy BGO stated, the applicant will identify teachers and counselors by name and email and that person will get a link to the form. I’ve...
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    Freshman Resume HS- '23 - Help me find the weak spots in my resume

    You’re not bothering me. I teach high school. Hardly anything bothers me. I surmised by some of your statements that you attend a small school, and I asked to just confirm what I already knew.
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    Is Dual Enrollment worth it?

    @bopper excellent advice. AP/IB courses over DE any day. The high school where I teach has a DE agreement with the second largest community college system in the country. The credits are only transferable to the community college. Sure, one can transfer those to the mid and lower ranked state...