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  1. usna1985

    As a homeschooler, what were some things you had on your resume that helped you get into the Academy?

    I would say swimming is a team sport -- there are relays and most teams do compete against another team, even though most events are individual. To be clear, team sports aren't a "must" -- what is a "must" is finding ways to show that you work and play well with others. There are many ways to...
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    As a homeschooler, what were some things you had on your resume that helped you get into the Academy?

    Always start with activities you enjoy (vs. ones that someone else enjoyed that you hope will boost your resume). If you love an activity, you'll likely be more inspired to continue it and to move up/excel/lead in it. As I posted recently on another thread, the key for homeschoolers is...
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    Class of 2024: The Journey Begins

    They say smell is the strongest sense when it comes to memory. Anyone who has been a plebe will IMMEDIATELY be transported back to PS at the first sniff of White Works. It's hard to explain, but it is unique and memorable. That said, I think the last Supe said they changed vendors or...
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    Info for 2025 Candidates

    I would also encourage candidates to use this time wisely. Everyone knows that most candidates are not spending this summer at camps or working a job, or Boys'/Girls' state, etc. Thus, there is really no excuse for not getting done now all aspects of your application for which you're...
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    Reapplying to USNA (after a turndown)

    Given that MOC noms are due by the end of January -- around the time the Board considers re-applicants or first time college applicants, they can simply offer a direct appointment. If LOAs are given to these applicants, it's almost always for a medical issue.
  6. usna1985

    Info for 2025 Candidates

    I've got to think it will at least be an option but that's my opinion not USNA guidance/policy. However, it's only July 1 . . . who knows what the situation will be on Aug. 1, let alone by the end of the year.
  7. usna1985

    Can I apply for a nomination from a different states senator?

    For those whose parents or legal guardians are residents of different states or districts (by virtue of divorce or being a geographic bachelor(lette)), and they SHARE LEGAL CUSTODY of you (regardless of where you live), you can apply to the MOCs from EITHER state or district where one parent is...
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    Info for 2025 Candidates

    Some of you are no doubt wondering why you haven't heard from your BGO. The sad -- but true -- fact is that we don't know who you are. USNA is rolling out a new IT system for BGOs. They have run into various glitches so we don't yet have it. Until they get it sorted out, we don't have a list...
  9. usna1985

    Counselor Letter for Homeschooled Applicants?

    While not directly in response to your question, be sure to look for opportunities for your DS to be involved in group activities -- especially with kids who are not homeschooled. This includes sports teams, sports camps, other types of camps, Scouting, Boys State, JROTC, working at a job, etc...
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    USNA Foundation Scholarship vs. USNA Civilian Prep Program

    Thanks, CAPT MJ. I should have looked it up myself but was rushing off to something. :)
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    Freshman Resume HS- '23 - Help me find the weak spots in my resume

    Also, next summer (when things hopefully will be more normal), consider applying for STEM at one or more SAs. It's not the same as Summer Seminar (for rising seniors) but is held at the SAs, run by mids/cadets and therefore lets you see a bit about the schools. It's a super-competitive...
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    USNA Foundation Scholarship vs. USNA Civilian Prep Program

    Are you asking about deferring Civilian Prep? I would first call the person who runs the program for the Foundation (the new CAPT Wallace). Must confess I forget his name but he's the one who contacted you about the program, worked with you on your financials, etc. Start with him...
  13. usna1985

    USNA Foundation Scholarship vs. USNA Civilian Prep Program

    USNA 1990, I can't PM you. It appears you need to have post 5 or 10 messages before I can PM you. Unfortunately, the message limit seems to worth both ways.
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    reapplying references

    I would use college IF you are in a class where your prof knows who you are -- note that YOU can help make this happen (sitting in front, being prepared, asking good questions, going for extra instruction, etc.). However, if you're in a class of 300 students and realize early on you won't be...
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    CFA Workout Ideas/Routines

    Tennis is great when played at a competitive level. I would also suggest you include running in your fitness routine. I've known quite a few young folks who are very fit, who are active in sports, but who aren't strong runners. Being a decent runner will help you immensely during PS and also...
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    DEFINITELY, avoid getting a tattoo shortly before I-Day. While rare, infections can occur and you don't want something like that holding you back.
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    Plebe summer swimming

    If you have never had swimming lessons as a kid, if you have no idea how to do strokes other than freestyle (i.e., backstroke, sidestroke), if you aren't comfortable in the water . . . I suggest taking lessons between appointment and I-Day. [Obviously, this is for future candidates.] I showed...
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    CFA Workout Ideas/Routines

    If you're a sophomore, you have plenty of time to do far more than prep for the CFA. Keep in mind that USNA likes varsity athletes -- 90% of every entering class was a varsity athlete. Sure, you could be the 10%, but why not go for the 90%? Thus, to improve your chances for USNA, I suggest...
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    Thank you + advice for USNA applicants

    For many candidates, Alternate Plan A is NROTC at a civilian university they love. For some, it's a state university (with or w/o ROTC) for cost and other reasons. Many apply to at least one other SA, including USCGA and/or USMMA -- which has no or different nomination requirements. Ask...
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    Are you allowed to have two piercings on one ear, or does it strictly have to be one piercing per ear?

    As Capt MJ says, it's permitted to have multiple piercings in the ear, but it may be very hard to keep them open while in the military. I had my ears pierced about 8 years ago (single piercing). During COVID, I'm at home so not wearing earrings. After about 6 weeks, I put mine in and it was a...