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  1. kinnem

    Character Development & Integrity - USNA Personal Statement

    Don't overthink it. We don't all have dramatic moments from which we developed character that caused us to act with integrity. Just look into your own life and answer it for you. It might be as simple as 'my parents brought my up in such and such a way and as a result I did this right thing'' ...
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    Happy Fourth of July 2020

    ... and I had to start again, with just my children and my wife...
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    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    That sounds tasty. I bet that pineapple would be even better with BACON! Happy 4th!
  4. kinnem

    Humor for my Navy and Marine friends

    Can I get one with a life alert button?
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    Not that I'm in agreement removing / renaming, but did want to point out that Martha owned slaves. She was the wealthiest woman in America when she married George and she owned several plantations.
  6. kinnem

    Should I go Navy or Air Force?

    This is something you need to sort through. Most of the pros and cons are fairly obvious and I don't know enough to point out the less obvious. There are plenty of threads on this very topic which i'm confident you can locate with the search function or Google search.. Sea vs Land. Size of...
  7. kinnem

    Prior Drug use

    I don't actually know if this is the case, but I expect the Navy to have a larger number of fighters than the Corps. That would be worth investigating. There's a lot of rotary craft in the Corps.
  8. kinnem

    Prior Drug use

    +1 to Capt MJ, as always. It's important to do the research on the career paths now as you'll need to make a decision when applying. You can only apply as a Navy Option, or Marine Option, not both... but you probably are already aware of that fact.
  9. kinnem

    SMP while contracted

    Speak with the ROO at your unit for details on how the program works. I believe you need to be an MSII before you can enroll. In any case speak with the ROO to be sure you follow proper procedures and are aware of the pros and cons. How far from college do you anticipate your NG unit being?
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    Best COVID-19 MEME

  11. kinnem

    Best COVID-19 MEME

    ... and then there was the ventriloquist who was able to bring his act to a whole new level with his mask on.
  12. kinnem

    NROTC Academic disenrollment probable- better to Drop on Request?

    Since he may lose the scholarship due to the PRB, I can see that no discussion about transferring the scholarship can legitimately occur now. If he does lose the scholarship he may be able to continue elsewhere as a college programmer. Again, the LT can let him know after or at the PRB in this...
  13. kinnem

    Freshman Resume HS- '23 - Help me find the weak spots in my resume

    +5 points for use of 'i lieu of'. Good job! :D
  14. kinnem

    Disenrolled from AFROTC, must enlist

    Well, this may seem harsh but I don't mean it to be. Two years is a very short time in your life and you'll survive it. Once you have your degree, if you still want to be an officer you will still be able to pursue that; and you might learn some valuable life lessons as an enlisted airman. I the...
  15. kinnem

    Admissions Chances

    Lacking JROTC will do you no harm. You certainly seem strong academically. I don't see how you can improve athletically at this point. One can always improve leadership. Seek out additional opportunities. Captain of your athletic teams seems like it could be an opportunity. Is student body...
  16. kinnem

    Applying to NROTC Marine Option from Overseas

    Where will you be? I don't have direct evidence but I'm confident nrotcmid23 is correct. If you're near an embassy or US base then I'm confident any face-to- face things could be handled that way. I expect the biggest hurdle is the PFT which is always (?) administered by a Marine, but then there...
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    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    Hmmmmm.....may have to go down to the river and see if I can find myself a gator. I wonder how much bacon I'll need?
  18. kinnem

    West Point Admissions Chances

    Perhaps. Personally I would at least be prepared to discuss how I improved the organization(s) in interviews.
  19. kinnem

    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    Never been there but looked up their menu on the net. That is absolutely my favorite breakfast if the corned beef is properly crispy.