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    SAT Superscore

    Hey 23 Lt, most colleges, counselors, and students for that matter think of the SAT as an 800M/800V perfect score test. You clearly have a much deeper understanding of what goes into that 800/800 score. I learned something from you today. While I now recall seeing those "TEST" breakdowns in...
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    USAFA Competitiveness

    From everything I've read, 28 ACT and a 3.62 GPA would likely be academically qualified, that is, meet the minimum requirements. You will know as soon as you fill out the pre-candidate questionnaire. However, no one hear can tell you if those score will make you competitive for an...
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    The USAFA Question

    Interesting video. Wait, that's not a proper sentence! I never start a sentence with and, but, or because. But sometimes I do. Prepositions, colons, well, that all depends. But on a forum, grammar rules and my general lackadaisical writing style don't matter. If you are writing an essay...
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    The USAFA Question

    Hey Blue Baron, If you have specific questions, fire them away here on this forum (after searching for previous posts of the same, of course :) It's mid-September. ALOs are talking to candidates and doing interviews for those that are far enough through their applications. If you've not...
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    Need help on recommendation letters

    Choose the three that know you best or you feel are most capable of writing a compelling LOR. Provide all with a copy of your resume to help them advocate on your behalf.
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    2022 class profile

    Here's the file
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    SAMI Baskets, etc.

    Speaking of things circulating amongst the Facebook Parent crowd (great group of people, btw), there are lists of suggested item to bring or send your cadet for ADay. I’d strongly suggest simply discussing items with your DS/DD during your Doolie Day Out call so you can focus on what they really...
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    SAMI Baskets, etc.

    SAMI basket, cute idea, sure, but I’d never order one. It’s a package of cleaning supplies!! By A-day they’ve survived several SAMIs so they’ve gone to the C store and bought what they need and really don’t want to store a bunch of extras. I did order a couple care packages from the CO...
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    AOG WebGuy - worth the cost

    I choose to think of the membership as suppporting the AOG and it’s mission and paying for my son’s lifetime membership. Yep I’ll count that as a graduation gift! WebGuy pics are just a wonderful bonus:)
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    Phone calls during BCT??

    Last year a kind soul whispered in my ear "always answer your phone during BCT, regardless of the number." It was very sound advice. I received a couple "surprise" calls that came from a random (probably a cadre's) phone number. Those sweet bonus calls were only one or two minutes long, but...
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    Do what works for you and your family. If you choose not to travel, someone else will feed him! The best chances of meeting up with your Falcon friend is if 1) they happen to be in the same squadron or are numerically very close or 2) they plan to eat lunch together. The Basics/new Doolies...
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    USAFA Class of 2022 Appointment Thread

    By now they’ve all reported. Welcome Basics! :bounce1: Parents, you’ve done well! Three weeks til they call on Dollie Day Out. In the meantime, you may want to answer your phone even when you don’t recognize the number. You never know...
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    Air tickets for Thanksgiving break

    Doolies have to be in uniform if within 150 miles of USAFA and have to fly in uniform, up until Recognition. Perhaps that's the "150 mile" reference. +1 on booking return flight for Sunday now. Keep in mind the 7pm is reporting time at USAFA. There is a guideline for scheduled arrival time of...
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    A Parent's Guide to Year One at USAFA

    +1 for USAFA10s. We had a family event (not a wedding or a funeral) in May and our 2021 DS was able to get a pass for the weekend. He waited til post recognition to even ask, though.
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    TWE to appointment

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    USAFA Class of 2022 Appointment Thread

    Awesome news! Congratulations!!
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    When do I start applying for nominations?

    I'd suggest reading the information posted by your Congressperson and Senators thoroughly. Not suggesting you have not :) If MOC's posted info does not answer your questions about the process, you can always call and ask. ** Just be sure the STUDENT calls with any questions, not the PARENT.**...
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    USAFA Class of 2022 Appointment Thread

    Looks like you need a new screen name! ;) Congratulations!!
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    June 28, 2018 In-Processing Day

    Each appointee will be assigned to a BCT squardon and will have a reporting time based off that squadron assignment (assuming of course that the schedule is like previous years). Reporting times are staggered throughout the morning. Once your appointee enters Doolittle hall, you can watch for...