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  1. Hoodlum15

    Clubs at USAFA

    There are programs available specifically designed to prepare you for a special forces career field, but they are not available until your sophomore year.
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    Ways to distract from thinking about admission

    Seeing as you haven't yet gone through recognition, I see why you might be mixed up. Physical fitness is important for basic and training sessions, but it's a poorly kept secret that recognition is primarily ice cream parties and puppies as a celebration of your accomplishments.
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    Your son/daughter goes where???

    I was running the strips past the chapel one day, looking dejected as all doolies do, and a tourist exclaimed, "Look how sad IT looks."
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    Security force specialist/SERE Specialist

    The "piece of crap" you reference is taking time out of THEIR day to answer a question that YOU asked. Presumably you wanted answers if you asked the question. Cool down, take a breath, and consider what people are telling you. If you like what they say, neat, time to do some more research. If...
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    Taking Russian

    You're going to have to work hard no matter what. If you put in the time you should see your work reflected in your grades. I took Russian and my GPA is fine. You don't choose your classes your first semester. You'll take all core classes. In fact, you schedule will be made before you're even...
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    Is Double Minoring in Two Languages Possible?

    It is possible, depending on how many classes you validate and how willing you are to have a packed schedule. I personally know at least one person who is double minoring in French and Russian. Definitely possible, especially if you have experience in both.
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    What do 4th Year Cadets Do Between End of BCT 8/3 and beginning of classes 9/2?

    For the last 3 years BCT has ended on a Saturday, Acceptance Day is the following Tuesday, and then classes start Thursday. Those extra days are spent moving into their new squadron, buying books and school supplies, briefings, and catching their breath. I'm not sure where you heard that...
  8. Hoodlum15

    Should I take the SAT?

    My school was the same way. I took the ACT once before the school session and scored well. Took it the second time with my school and scored better. Never needed to bother with the SAT. I'd suggest prepping hard for the ACT and seeing how you do. If you tank, consider the SAT. If not, don't bother.
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    Alternatives to Summer Seminar

    So the focus of the camps is sports, obviously. But cadets will be the "counselors," and there should be a lot of opportunities to ask as many questions as he wants. He'll get to see the dorms, the base, and a little bit of what other cadets are doing during the summer. I remember seeing or...
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    Alternatives to Summer Seminar

    USAFA also has sports camps that he could attend guaranteed. My understanding is that the past few years they have tried to make the sports camps have more USAFA-related activities and a more military feel. Obviously it wouldn't be as good as SS, but he would get to be at USAFA, interact with a...
  11. Hoodlum15

    OSI Major

    2019 has 3 OSI slots. There's a chance future classes will have none. Legal studies and BS are very different majors. Don't choose one based on a job you have a 0 - 0.3% chance of getting. Choose based on what interests and engages you the most, and what will want to make you work the hardest...
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    Class of 2023 OCP Uniform

    The entire cadet wing will transition to OCPs at the same time next summer. Cadets will then not be authorized to wear ABUs anymore.
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    Waiting game

    1. The portal updates once a day early in the morning. So if you check it when you wake up and it's a no-go, then know there's nothing forthcoming for the day. They'll also send you an email to check your portal if you get an appointment or something about your application changes, so no email...
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    Air Force Application Review

    I've said this multiple times on this forum, but don't throw away your present planning for your future. Put the bulk of your work into activities that you are passionate about. THAT'S what the Academy wants to see. If you do things just for the sake of building your resume then 1) It will...
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    PCSM Question

    Humey is actually incorrect, you must have a minimum score of 10 (out of 100) in order to be considered pilot qualified. That may have been how it used to be, but now you must have at least a 10. This year, every single firstie at the Academy who was qualified received a pilot slot. So if you...
  16. Hoodlum15

    PRK/LASIK restrictions?

    Hundreds of cadets from USAFA get eye surgery each year in order to fly. It's extremely common. Just make sure you don't get surgery before (presumably) coming to USAFA. Getting it done beforehand can be disqualifying. Disclaimer: I'm not sure how those limitations apply to someone already in...
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    Also, the deadline only applies to things the applicant has direct control over. Items like transcripts, ALO interview scores, and final DoDMERB results (assuming the applicant did their part as applicable) can be turned in after the applicant's given deadline because it is out of their control.
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    A few questions to ask

    My question is, what are you going to do about it? If someone said your athletics background was dismal (which by the way I think it's fine) what would do to fix it at this point in the game that you otherwise aren't doing in a continual effort to produce the best possible application package...
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    USAFA admission after MMI (Marion)

    To answer your question, (keeping in mind I'm not admissions) I've widely heard that it does help. The re-applicant shows dedication and a serious interest in attending USAFA, which has to help their subjective rating. Furthermore, the choice of a school like MMI shows a commitment to the...
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    SA Lifestyle

    Hey dude, you're wearing people out. Everyone on here is super busy and takes the time to answer questions because they genuinely want to help others out. And I know this isn't what you're intending to do, but you're taking advantage of people's kindness. You need to rein in a bit...