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    Online vs on campus college classes, thoughts for Class of 2025? + timeline to apply

    Can you elaborate on what you're calling a waitlist applicant? That's not a term I have ever heard before. I would recommend submitting the application ASAP after getting the first semester college transcripts. I was also a college reapplicant, and I had everything else done so that as soon as...
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    USCGA or another route?

    Hey there, I'm not sure I am the best person to answer your questions but I see nobody else has so I'll give it a shot. The Coast Guard doesn't work on the MOS System; instead, we have ratings (enlisted) and specialties (you may hear them called a number of things, but they are relatively broad...
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    USCGA classes question

    All Tuesday and Thursday classes? You must have been a Government (or maybe management) major. But I just wanted to chime in that this is absolutely true - engineers tend to have tough M/W/F but only a class or two T/Th.
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    Gift ideas for New Cadets

    There is no explicit rule stating this, nor any implied rule. Obviously the larger it gets, the more desk space it will take up and may pose a problem with fitting it beneath either the shelves or bed that are above a cadet's desk.
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    I have some final questions before making my decision.

    TL;DR - It is no risk, no commitment for the first two years. What has been stated above is correct. During your 2/c summer (so between sophomore and junior year) you have a re-commitment ceremony where you will sign a paper officially committing you to finishing the Academy program and 5 years...
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    Eagle Port Visits?

    Visiting ports is cool as Swab, awesome as a 3/c, and absolutely amazing as a 2/c or Firstie. Foreign ports are awesome, especially. As a 3/c or Swab, you'll usually have duty one day per port call. As a firstie or 2/c, you only have duty once every two or three weekends. But yeah, port calls...
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    CGA Boots?

    I am trying to remember if they were bloused or not. I want to say they were, but I was not a Chase Cadre so I can't really recall. I think it is a reflection of that - because technically there's no allowance for anything but safety toes in the CG Uniform regs. I don't mind that, but...
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    CGA Boots?

    Unfortunately, things have indeed changed. The break in method for the boots is still the same, but the other two have changed. I believe my class ('21) or maybe 22' were the last one issued go fasters. 23' brought two pairs of sneakers that they provided on their own. Last year, the powers...
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    I mean cable as in television service connections, not electrical connections.
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    You can have a "TV" as soon as swab summer is over. In fact most people have a small TV but it is mostly used as a second monitor for the computer for most. There are no cable connections in the barracks, except in some of the dayrooms. The only double-majoring I've heard of is EE majors that...
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    Plan B College Courses

    I might be an outlier here but I say take the Ceramics course! Like you said, it might be your only opportunity, and it's not like you're sandbagging your entire schedule. All the other classes you listed seem right on the money for what you should be taking. Nobody will begrudge or hold against...
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    Issues with SA issued Laptop and being home

    It's just called "Adobe Scan." It's a black background with the blue Adobe A logo.
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    Issues with SA issued Laptop and being home

    Adobe makes a phone app that takes really high quality scans and can turn written work into PDF! It then generates a shareable link. Might help as a good stop gap.
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    Academic Calendar Question

    Looking at the Yearly Calendar, I am guessing you're looking at the time period between graduation and the Summer Academic Term. These two things have nothing to do with summer schedule for 3/c. Almost all 3/c will depart the Academy immediately after the conclusion of finals to get underway...
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    Academic Calendar Question

    Class of 2024 will have summer leave the last 3 weeks of the summer.
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    Denials then following year appt to CGA experience please!

    I agree with almost everything in the above post from @valtroid. I was denied class of 2020. I went to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where I was a Marine Option in NROTC and studied both Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, and I'll be honest, I did okay academically but not great. I was...
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    Aviation Billets

    I may be biased, but I believe the NAME instructors are the best on campus, which is part of why I switched. The other part was just talking to students and teachers from NAME and seeing how much they enjoyed it and seemed passionate about it relative to other majors. Lastly, I did the proper...
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    Swab Summer

    I agree with just enjoying your last days. Another thing you could memorize, if you really want, is the Coast Ethos. It's some pretty good motivation to get you thinking about what you're getting into, too. By far my favorite piece of indoc, if such a thing exists. I've included a video:
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    Aviation Billets

    I'll take some shots here, but bear in mind I'm a Cadet not an active duty officer nor pilot. I would argue that aviation internships are more about people getting the experience to make sure aviation is really what they want to do. There's always lots of flight slots that go to people who...
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    Opt out of AP Tests if no plans to validate?

    I couldn't say for that particular course off the top of my head. Sorry.