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  1. Capt MJ

    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    Nice. Apron Pride in Bacon Nation. You need a custom toque with either Marine Corps EGA or Bill The Goat.
  2. Capt MJ

    Navy vs Lafayette FB @ Navy Cancelled This continues to be one of the most disrupted years in sports history.
  3. Capt MJ

    Humor for my Navy and Marine friends

  4. Capt MJ

    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    You know what the twin one says. Both are battle-scarred with bacon fat, bbq sauce and other magical historical evidence of home cooking.
  5. Capt MJ

    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    Your 2020 Fourth Menu - don’t presume to post unless bacon is included. - New York strip steaks, prime grade (big splurge) - That Food Network roasted potato salad with hot bacon dressing for which I posted the link a few entries ago - Corn on the cob, chipotle butter - Grilled fresh pineapple...
  6. Capt MJ

    As a homeschooler, what were some things you had on your resume that helped you get into the Academy?

    Being well-rounded is key, which can look different for home-schoolers, depending on what programs they can participate in at local schools. Showing academic acumen, leadership skills, physicality, initiative and drive can be creatively addressed. Thinking about those who were home-schooled in...
  7. Capt MJ

    Happy Fourth of July 2020

    Though the nation is grappling with some serious and challenging issues right now, I still would choose no other place. In some countries of the world, demonstrators for social justice or to protest a policy would be taken to a “re-education camp.” Our freedom of speech lets us say some of the...
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    Class of 2024: The Journey Begins

    Oh yes. Same scent family.
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    New “Fat Albert” for Blue Angels

    Excellent. I joined DH there several times for port call visits, a few times when he was in command. We were headed out the door to do some touring one morning, and the phone rang. It was the XO, never a good sign. Apparently, three of DH’s sailors got a bit likkered up, took off their...
  10. Capt MJ

    New “Fat Albert” for Blue Angels

    San Diego is also the same kind of fun. The old Hong Kong Kai-Tek Intnatl Airport was an armrest-gripper.
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    Martha was wealthy in her own right, and much of that was held in enslaved people. There are allegations she was the mastermind behind rotating people between Virginia properties when they were in Pennsylvania or other places in the North, where if an enslaved person was there longer than X...
  12. Capt MJ

    New “Fat Albert” for Blue Angels

    I think the JATO packs are all gone now.
  13. Capt MJ

    What’s the average number female pull ups?

    The more you can do as a woman, the more you will enjoy the power and self-confidence it brings as an element of personal strength. Be a woman who can do pull-ups, and not just a few. Try for a tidy 5-7 for the CFA. Then build to 10-15 as a lifelong fitness element to maintain. I hoist big bags...
  14. Capt MJ

    Humor for my Navy and Marine friends

    Lines are not securely coiled on deck. Fender fouling the side while underway. Brightwork not sufficiently shiny. Woodwork poorly buffed. Needs a paintwork yard availability. No running lights. But I like the concept.
  15. Capt MJ

    Class of 2024: The Journey Begins

    It’s random, but then they tweak to spread out prior enlisted, varsity athletes, other demographics.
  16. Capt MJ

    Class of 2024: The Journey Begins

    That smell. White works with whatever fabric finish is on there, fresh sweat, dried sweat, fear sweat, aged sweat, fermenting sweat, plus regular grime and dirt. I arrived for duty in the summer and had never smelled anything like that, concentrated funk, in a no-AC (at that time) setting...
  17. Capt MJ

    concert for Valor

    Zombie threads live
  18. Capt MJ

    New “Fat Albert” for Blue Angels

    Spiffy paint job. “New ‘previously owned’” bird.
  19. Capt MJ

    DODMERB concerns

    Mayo Clinic and many other reputable sites have descriptions of routine male and female physical exam elements. I added the WebMD one below, as the clearest “layman language” description. It’s a norm for adult males Adult females...
  20. Capt MJ

    Stipend and budget= Savings?

    Good for you that you are thinking this way. With all the puts and takes, you will have a limited amount of available dollars each month. This is a link to the 2018-2019 USNA Midshipmen Stipend and Budget Book. I thought I had the link to the 2019-2020, but I can’t lay hands on it at the...