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    ACFT or APFT

    See the answer from @Montana State Army ROTC in this recent thread:
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    Mattis' Letter on civil unrest

    Stop now. Further violations can result in bans and this thread being locked. Forum rules are clear: "The purpose of this site is not to discuss politics. Political discussions should be limited in context and scope, and our nation's elected officials respected at all times."
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    The Gunsmith Thread

    @THParent .... You need your own blog. Actually, you need TWO for guns and another for bacon.
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    Welcome and good luck.
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    Can I apply for a nomination from a different states senator?

    What are the sources of nominations? There are many sources of nominations; some are available to everyone and some only to certain candidates. The following sources are available to all candidates: Vice President, 2 Senators, US Representative. NOTE: You can only apply to the Senators and...
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    National Society of HS Scholars

    +1 @Capt MJ No award is worth while if the parents have to shell out money for it. The parents of a competitive SA candidate will be inundated with similar offers all out to make a fast buck. Ignore them. Your DS will have plenty of free recognition bestowed through legit activities.
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    High Schooler with interest in USAFA and AFROTC and Covid Testing

    Deputy Chief Mullen is your best resource.
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    Renters Insurance??? ifs, ands or buts. They understand military PCS's and issued military gear. They also understand firearms coverage.
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    BCT Letters from strangers.....

    Indeed it does. We just request it to be substantive in nature.....not silliness.
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    BCT Letters from strangers.....

    Mod note: We don't recommend posting personal info on a public forum. Besides, how hard is it to legitimately respond to some of the lively discussions on this site? You must have some kind of opinion about bacon, no?
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    The tone is passionate here and that is okay as it is certainly a topic that elicits strong emotions. If we keep the debates on the merits of the arguments, we will be fine. However if it devolves into personal attacks, then the mods will have to intercede. Let's keep it civil, everyone.
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    Scholarship Question

    Agree with Osprey. The ROO is your best source. Of course your BEST bet is to enroll in the program, achieve a high GPA, kill the APFT/ACFT, plus be a standout leader.
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    ROTC selection process

    Is this the candidate or the parent?
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    Things to buy for MS3 Year

    Seriously, part of your DD's growth will be compiling lists and planning her own items to bring. Get her gift cards for REI and Amazon and let her build her own kit. You will allow her to become a better officer. I did buy our DS a wrist compass and a write in the rain notebook, but the...
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    ROTC selection process

    What ROTC branch? Army, Navy, Navy MO, or AF? Generally, the scholarship is completely separate from the college admissions application. If you receive the scholarship, it is NOT a guarantee of acceptance to your no. 1 school choice. There are many posts on ranking strategies, but I...
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    Yearly reminder for all you newly minted 0-1's

    DS is an O-1 and absolutely LOVES the perks of the platinum AMEX.
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    Mattis' Letter on civil unrest

    This... It has been generally civil up to now which has allowed for an excellent series of discussions regarding policies. Keep it focused on policies. No personal attacks and no disrespect AT elected officials and we can continue to have nice things.
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    So has anyone heard anything from Gen Mattis lately?

    Mod note: There is already a lengthy thread on this topic in the Off topic forum.
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    Foreign Language Major

    Wait, weren't you a chemistry major?
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    Life Question!!!

    Mod note: Moving thread to ROTC forum.