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  1. Aldo.dector

    Preparation for R-Day (Prep school)

    I was just recently offered a USAFA prep school slot and I was reading the 2020 appointee booklet and I came across the medical FAQ section and it read "If I don’t have my wisdom teeth removed before I get to the Preparatory School, does that disqualify me? No. If you are planning to have a...
  2. Aldo.dector

    Reapplicant Medical Status

    Hello, I have a question about my medical status. Last year when I applied I was PPQ, but now when I applied again, I am only qualified. I’ve been qualified since October and nothing about me medically has changed. I was wondering do reapplicants still get PPQ status? I was asking around the...
  3. Aldo.dector

    College Re-applicant Essay

    Hello guys, I am a college re-applicant and I'm going to start writing my essays next week, after I'm done with finals, and I was wondering if for the "1. Describe a setback or ethical dilemma that you have faced. How did you resolve it? How did the outcome affect you? Most importantly, what did...
  4. Aldo.dector

    Potential Pilot Qualified

    Hello, I am a reapplicant for the USAFA, I wasn't sure to post this on that thread or here, but last year when I applied I was Potential Pilot Qualified. Now that I am applying again (I opened my app in July) and got cleared medically I'd say last month. My current medical status is now only...
  5. Aldo.dector


    I’m a reapplicant to the USAFA meaning I have been cleared medically as of last year. My profile just recently went under DoDMERB review for this cycle year, and I’m guessing I’m going to be clear again since I haven’t changed, but I have a question for those here (I am reaching out to DoDMERB...
  6. Aldo.dector

    Reapplicant Grades

    I am a college reapplicant improving many aspects of my previous application, however I have one concern, my college grades. I’m currently taking Calculus, English, 2 engineering courses, and chemistry. I am pretty confident that I will be able to get an A in all those classes except chemistry...
  7. Aldo.dector

    Reapplicant Recommendation Letters

    I have a question in regards to the recommendation letters. Last year I got an evaluation from my Senior Naval Science Instructor, but not a recommendation letter, since I couldn’t use him for both. This year I was hoping I could ask him for a recommendation letter instead of an evaluation since...
  8. Aldo.dector

    Getting Declined

    Im currently still waiting on a response whether it’s an acceptance (hopefully) or if I get declined. If I get declined am I still in the running for prep academy, or that does that mean I am no longer going in the running for an FF scholarship or a prep academy spot.?