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  1. NY104classof2023

    USMA Admissions info - NY specific.

    I went on a tour of USMA yesterday and my RC was not there. He was out sick. The other RC told me to reach out to him and ask the questions I have. To keep the communication open. So I did. And I got answers. I asked about braces. A. They have to be off by R-Day. I asked if my slate had...
  2. NY104classof2023

    Just back from USMA orientation visit

    Just back from WP orientation. Found out some good info from admissions captain. 1) 'They are still assigning slates' So that is one mystery solved 2) 'Medical waivers are expected to be complete by 04/15' So that isn't too far away. 2) 'The boards are meeting 2-3 times a week at this...
  3. NY104classof2023

    Class Rank

    My class rank recently moved up. Should I let the SA know? Is it important at this time?
  4. NY104classof2023

    USMA Email for CFA

    I received an email from USMA requesting that I redo my CFA. New due date 02/28/19. They reset my portal to have my coach re submit my new CFA. Does that mean my app is still competitive? My district historically doesn't get many nomination requests and I might have been the only one my...