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  1. kevs

    Hand Injury

    I recently (June 15, 2020) got a deep cut on the palm of my hand and had to get two sutures on my Palm. I am unable to put any weight on my palm and am supposed to get them removed in about two weeks (June 29, 2020). With BCT starting in 9 days, what should I do? Do I contact someone to let them...
  2. kevs

    Preparation for change in elevation

    I currently live in a city where the average elevation is around 100 feet above sea level, and considering that USAFA is 7,000 above sea level, I wanted to ask for any tips on how to prepare. Especially when it comes to running and how to pace myself. At the moment, I run an 8:50 mile and half...
  3. kevs

    Air Force Form 4428

    I received an appointment to USAFA and the list of forms contains the Air Force form 4428, the tattoo, brand form. On the application portal, it states that I need my ALO to sign the form, however, I’ve emailed him once a week for the last 3 weeks and have tried calling but still failed to reach...
  4. kevs

    SF86 Security Clearance

    I am currently in the process of completing my security clearance form and I ran into an issue, in section 18 (relatives) when listing the place of birth and citizenship of relatives, the United States is not listed as an option. I am filling it out on Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Are others also...
  5. kevs

    USAFA Criminal Records Release

    I was offered an appointment for the class of 2024 and one of the forms that needs to be submitted was the "Criminal Records Review Notice/Release" and it clearly states it must be completed no later than March 24. I sent it to USAFA via mail and the tracking information states that it was...
  6. kevs

    Accepting AFROTC scholarship?

    Last night a received an email notifying me I was selected for a Type-7, 4 year scholarship. The deadline to accept is May 31, but I’ve read that it’s recommended to accept ASAP. I also applied to USAFA, so I am waiting for a decision. So is it recommended that I accept now, and if I do am I...
  7. kevs

    Steps after receiving AFROTC Scholarship

    I have completed my AFROTC scholarship application, including the interview and am now awaiting a decision. On the AFROTC website it states, “If you receive a scholarship offer, you will be required to complete and pass a medical exam and meet Air Force ROTC physical requirements in order to...
  8. kevs

    AFROTC Activity Sheet

    I am currently working on my AFROTC application and was filling out my activity sheet, however, when I was looking through it I saw it listed "Camp Fire" along with other things like "Volunteering", "Boy Scouts" etc. Does anyone know what "Camp Fire" is and what can be listed underneath that...
  9. kevs

    Presidential Nomination

    I have two questions in regards to the Presidential Nomination, 1) I was looking through the USAFA website for more information about Presidential Nomination, and it provided a link to a template for a request for nomination...
  10. kevs

    Can DoDMERB results be used more than once?

    I recently completed my DoDMERB examination for my USAFA application and I am also applying for an AFROTC Scholarship, NROTC Scholarship and to USNA. Can the results of my DoDMERB exam that I completed for USAFA also be used for other service academies and ROTC?
  11. kevs

    DoDMERB Tooth/Gum troubles

    I was looking through and completing the survey that must be completed when you first get into the DoDMERB website, and one of the questions was asking about any current or previous tooth/gum problems. Two years ago I got a root canal, would that be considered tooth trouble? And if so, how will...
  12. kevs

    What to wear to USAFA SS?

    I was accepted to USAFA SS (Session B) this year and I know that throughout the seminar, you wear Khaki pants and I assume they give you a Summer Seminar shirt. But what should I wear the day I arrive? Do I show up in the Khaki pants? Or can I show in regular jeans and a regular shirt?
  13. kevs

    USNA Candidate Status

    I applied to NASS and am aware that it also serves as a Pre-Candidate Questionare. Does anyone know what time of the year you will be notified about your status as an official candidate?