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  1. 5centsmom

    Does AROTC School Selection Influence Scholarship Decisions?

    Not that we experienced 2 years ago. (NROTC candidate’s experience).
  2. 5centsmom

    NROTC Transfer Question

    Accept the scholarship. Transfer when she knows which school she’ll attend. Just my 2 cents, as I doubt the folks processing the paperwork really want to do it multiple times. Since accepting the scholarship has a deadline, that’s what needs to happen first.
  3. 5centsmom

    Summer College Coursework

    +1 to anonmom. DS has been unable to get approval from his out-of-state public U for ANY courses taken at a local public U of equal reputation. Certainly not in his major, but not even an Anthro/liberal arts course needed for U broad spectrum requirements. DS decided to enroll anyways (3C...
  4. 5centsmom

    Update on my mid's PRB, LOA, and thanks to those that previously helped.

    Just want to thank anonmom and others on these 2 threads for sharing all the info. These young adults are all phenom, but life happens even to the fabulous. Really helps in understanding by having the info and actual experiences shared. Thank you!
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    SA vs ROTC - Duty Selection

    So our 3C in NROTC wants subs. He briefly reconsidered last summer during CORTRAMID bc aviation was really seductive...and there’s always the love of the Corps... but he’s idée fixé on subs. He’s my weirdo. Interestingly, he was told at the beginning of this, his 3C year, that he was doing well...
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    UNC Chapel Hill NROTC

    It’s often been debated in other threads whether having the scholarship in hand might aid one’s admission. If you are in contact with the school’s NROTC unit, go ahead and email them that you’re waiting for admission news but did get the scholarship, and do they have any advice. It may take a...
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    NROTC question: my son received his National NROTC Scholarship today, how do you know if it is 4 years?

    Congratulations! Great relief to have a path certain I am sure. The NROTC website and the unit/college you are considering will have more information. Reach out to them.
  8. 5centsmom

    How many NROTC boards are left?

    This isn’t necessarily “good to hear” info, but DS heard the last week of April 2 years ago, with several others on the forums. He’s ranked high in his unit and had a strong application. So when you hear isn’t an indicator of how successful you will be and won’t matter at any point (it just...
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    Top 5 movies

    Thx to all above... was trying to find something to watch tonight, and I’ll have to see if i can locate something from above! Mine: 1. Charade/His Girl Friday ... ok, anything with Cary Grant in it 2. Amadeus 3. Moon (soundtrack is bonus) 4. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure 5. Lost in...
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    Late stipend

    From the scuttlebutt DS gleaned along the way... no one gets paid on time when first admitted into the program. DS’ unit is on top of stuff, but it took more than 4 weeks for the stipend to start up. Presumably there is verification that he showed up etc. Once the funds start arriving DS has...
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    ROTC Interview Tips

    DS interviewed for NROTC and SA with officers who were (both times) in military dress attire (not working attire). SA interviewer actually commented on the candidate’s attire who departed as DS was arriving: shorts & t-shirt did not impress the interviewer with how serious the candidate was. I...
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    Why do they call it "Reserve" OTC

    I can only speak to naval history. I’ve done research on USNA grads and had to distinguish between USNR and USN. I believe the first instance of an USNR designation in Memorial Hall is LTjg John Melvin, USNA class of 1911. He was in the naval reserves after separating from the Navy and...
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    ROTC scholarship has yet to pay.....

    Want to underline AROTC-Dad’s statement about parents may wish to contact the university’s bursar office. The bursar staff may groan (we all dislike exceptions), or repeat some memorized hardline stance, but your student will not be the first nor the only. They may check with the unit to verify...
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    NROTC Unit Waitlists

    DS easily transferred his NROTC scholarship to another school. Filled out a form, sent it in, and 3-5 days later it was a done deal. This was done spring ‘18.
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    After nrotc Interview/submission?

    Medical? Is it on your list?
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    Leave school after freshman year?

    Tom Wolfe (i think) wrote ‘Organization is the sign of an intelligent mind’ in The Right Stuff. I’d argue it’s Doubt. Find out what’s causing the second-guessing. Feelings of overwhelm? Looking at peers? The particular school’s atmosphere? Someone at home making it sound better there? Roommate...
  17. 5centsmom

    Reasons why so many candidates do not commission in ROTC?

    At my son’s unit at the end of their first year in the program, the 4 or 5 College programmers still with the program all received scholarships. This is approximately half the group of programmers that began in the fall. The other half had faded out over the course of the first semester (if...
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    Why do navy option midshipmen get all of their uniforms when Marine Options do not?

    My FIL still talks regretfully about not buying the sword as it was optional in his day. (He’s nearly 90 now) I’ve seen in other threads where uniform items or the cash to buy them made great commissioning presents, too.
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    NROTC Scholarship and Reapplication to USNA

    Dadof2...+1 Right on. DS just witnessed or experienced reapps for USNA and college programmers receiving scholarships in his NROTC unit this year. Lots of successes for the programmers (non-scholarship freshmen in his class) who stuck with it. Good luck to you on your journey!
  20. 5centsmom

    Swearing In

    DS was sworn in at Indoc and and again after his unit orientation (some parents were there 2nd time, our travel plans didn’t permit it). I think he’s even done it a 3rd time ... right now he’s been sworn in as many times as he’s visited the Confidence Chamber! Try not to be embarrassed by your...