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  1. MidCakePa

    Plebes Dropping Already

    No, that’s not what’s meant by “supplementary.” By the way, that’s my word, not DD’s. I’m paraphrasing her comments. What DD meant by that sentiment is that with Plebe Summer shortened to less than 2/3 its normal length, there simply isn’t time to teach plebes all they’d normally learn in...
  2. MidCakePa

    Plebes Dropping Already

    Just got a debrief from DD the Detailer, who worked first set. She confirmed that a class may finally be able to say, with great credibility, that they had the last “real” Plebe Summer. That would be ‘23, because apparently ‘24 is getting off fairly easy. The detailers were significantly...
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    Plebes Dropping Already

    Yes. Each company is responsible for training its own plebes in general, though those detailers are not with them at every evolution. For example, weapons and sailing are taught by activity-specific detailers. But in general, from when they wake to when they sing “B&G” with any gray space in...
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    Plebes Dropping Already

    Haven’t gotten the full debrief from DD the Detailer, but agree with @NavyHoops that it seems like a love/hate relationship. DD was very fired up to be chosen and remained so despite all the CV19-induced changes. She had ups and downs over the two weeks, just as plebes do. There was some drama...
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    Any ideas for leadership activities?

    Leadership ideas must come from you. What aspects of your community, school, church, etc., are you most interested in? Where do you see yourself making a difference? Where do you see something that isn’t quite right that you believe you could impact? If these aren’t of your own finding or...
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    Welcome. Plenty of tips here. Just use the search function. Also read every page, link, tab and pulldown on the website of the SAs you’re interested in. Then folks here are happy to fill in the gaps.
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    Candidate essay style

    Tell your story in the way that makes the most sense and comes the most naturally to you. Substance means much more than style. Make it your authentic voice, as if you were telling the story orally. Above all, address the prompts directly. And have someone who knows you well — family, friends...
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    No SAT/ACT Scores + Nominations

    No need to complete your nom apps until the deadline. Though MOCs are different, I know of no situations where it’s first-come-first-serves. So that gives you time to get an SAT/ACT score if possible, before fully submitting.
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    Sponsor Family Shortfall/Class of 2024

    DD has an amazing sponsor family. Yet even if restrictions were lifted for fall semester, I would advise DD to not visit them. They’re in their mid to late 50s, and sponsor dad is a medical practitioner. So I wouldn’t want DD putting them at any kind of risk. They’ve been too good to her for her...
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    Minorities at West Point

    Perform well and those aspects won’t be an issue. Don’t perform well and they still won’t be an issue, most likely. Doesn’t mean you won’t run into a bigot or two — the SAs are still a reflection of society, which isn’t perfect — but performance is the coin of the realm in the military.
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    As @OldRetSWO says, call immediately to confirm the application deadline. I’m 99.9% positive that the app window has not closed, and that you’re somehow misunderstanding the situation. In any case, other than the deadline having passed (which again, I highly doubt), you should be fine. This...
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    Plebes Dropping Already

    Remember that the CV19 test is not foolproof. There’ll be some false negatives, and perhaps some false positives too. So it’s inevitable that some mids are now turning up with it, despite ROM. Also, as bodies become run down from the rigors of plebe summer, immune systems will wear down also. So...
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    High school clubs

    No need to complicate this or overthink it. Leadership is measured by impact. That is, did you see a way to make things better in a setting or organization; work with others to devise a solution; rally those others to execute the solution; leave the setting or organization better than when you...
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    NROTC - Marines - Ambitious Academic Plans - LIFE Questions

    I know that. Was just priming him for those to come.
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    NROTC - Marines - Ambitious Academic Plans - LIFE Questions

    Your politeness is greatly appreciated by SAF folks. Now kick it up a notch and add “ma’am” to it. A couple of people who’ve responded to your query don’t respond well to “sir.”
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    Unclear what form LOAs are taking or will take. But very easy to deduce whether it’s an actual LOA: Does it say an offer of appointment will be made, conditional on the completion of a certain step or task? Anything short of that is not an LOA.
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    Last Name

    Wow, that is complex. You don’t want an answer from an anonymous board such as this. You want the real scoop, from USAFA admissions itself. For things such as this, do primary research. Otherwise known as “pick up the phone and dial.” (I know, not a great reference for kids who grew up...
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    Plebes Dropping Already

    Plebe Summer typically runs until just before the weekend prior to ac year. If memory serves, the Thursday or Friday prior to ac year is Hell-O Night. That’s when Plebe Summer ends, then the real challenges of plebe year begin.
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    Plebes Dropping Already

    DD got her SCUBA certification during fall semester of youngster year, through USNA’s program. Cost her a bit and took a few hours on the Yard. Had a choice of doing her final dives in Florida or in a lake in Virginia. She chose the latter, for cost and time purposes. Went diving in Florida last...
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    Can we talk laundry?

    Inquiring (and well dressed) minds want to know: What’s a tailor’s clapper and what does it do?