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  1. Maverick19

    Updating Medical Info

    Hi everyone. So I have this callas on my foot that will need to be removed at some point (already tried the freezing/burning otc treatments). Now I am having to schedule my DoDMERB exams soon and will not be having any sort of procedure before that. If I do have the callas removed, would that...
  2. Maverick19


    So I am going to be attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Daytona Beach Campus) starting Fall 2017 and will be majoring in Aeronautical Science on scholarship from Army ROTC. I know it might be a long shot, but is there any guys or parents on here who have kids that are also going to...
  3. Maverick19

    Cadet Class Ranking

    So I've been browsing the forum looking for a definitive answer as to what exactly factors into your class ranking as a cadet outside of GPA and PT scores. I know there is weight on extracurricular activities, volunteering, and sports but I was hoping someone could outline it on here. I was...
  4. Maverick19

    Major Switch

    In regards to Air Force and Army ROTC degree selection, they have a drop-down list of mostly all majors you can select on the application. My #1 major (Aeronautical Science) is a unique major that is only offered at a few schools. The question I'm asking is if I am awarded a scholarship, will I...
  5. Maverick19

    MEPS vs. DoDMERB

    Hello all. I am a senior in high school and in addition to applying for ROTC scholarships for college, I also signed my DEP enlistment with the Air Force as one of my backup plans. I went to MEPS, took the ASVAB, went through medical, and swore into the DEP all that fun stuff. Now if I receive...