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    USMA lengthens service obligation to 6 yrs??

    I received my appointment to USMA 2024 yesterday. LGT Williams's letter, sent along with the BFE, says "Graduates are obligated to serve on Active duty as Army officers for at least six years after graduation." Do other people have to same wording on their appointment letter? I have not had...
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    Summer Seminar Session Selection Question

    Hello, I am currently working on my Summer Seminar application, which tells me to identify out of the three weeks which ones I can definitely attend. I am going to boys state for the third week, so I definitely won't be selecting that one. I am open for the first two weeks, but I would also like...
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    USMA interest during wartime

    I know that during a war, overall attendance and interest in the academy can be affected. In the case that a large war happens involving the US, would interest be expected to increase or decrease? I've tried to research the historical trend, but have not found any quality information so far.
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    When is SLE 2019?

    Hello everyone! Iv'e scoured the internet for the dates for SLE at USMA for 2019, but have not found anything. Does USMA not release the dates for SLE at this time in Nov. yet? Or if they have, does anyone know what the exact dates for the two weeks of SLE for 2019 are? Thanks!
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    SAT Super-score Question

    Hello everyone, I recently received my scores for the SAT. My math score and essay score are satisfactory; however, my reading/writing score was a bit low for my liking. I am planning to retake the SAT to get a higher reading/writing score and super-score for a even higher number. When I retake...
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    What Should I Ask when I Meet a Cadet?

    Hello- I am currently a high school junior who is planning to apply to USMA 2024. I have been doing research about the academy and its applications. My FFR said that next month, a senior cadet from the local area will be back to meet with candidates and prospective candidates. Does anyone have...