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    Height/Wt for USMA

    I don't have direct experience with this, but someone I know who is also appointed for this year is out of the ht/wt standard. Back in JAN, his RC mailed him a letter to require him submit a body fat test by a certain deadline.
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    At SLE last yr, there was a old upright piano in one of the company rooms on the first floor of Sherman Barracks. I'm not sure, but I believe there is also a piano in Jefferson Library. I think you could also bring your own keyboard if you have one.
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    C/O 2020 here, AMA

    Hi. Does it cost money to do laundry at wp? Thanks.
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    Accepted Candidates SUBJECT: Required Training

    I think the info is in one of the emails sent a couple days after the training link was sent. They said to select A, and they said if you selected B or C and already registered, that's fine too.
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    SAT Help

    I studied for the SAT with the official study guide book, and I did every test in that book, along with tests from other books too. I self graded and reviewed every question I got wrong. I think I did almost 20 full length tests, and I familiarized myself with the questions. In the end, there's...
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    Model United Nations, Debate, Cello

    Hello, it looks like your son has a great record with extracurriculars. Generally, things before 9th grade won't carry any/much weight in college apps. A lot of the admissions process also depends on rec letters, how you do at the nom and FF interview, and if you have great network with the FF...
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    Boot list

    The official boot letter (not the order form) was posted today on the portal. It looks like this year any AR 670-1 hot weather boot will be acceptable.
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    Many questions about West Point Military Academy

    It seems every major military commander has attended west point. Do all soldiers attend the school? that seems highly unlikely, but is there a certain division or rank that ALWAYS attends west point? or is it more of the harvard of the military, closed yet constantly producing the top soldiers...
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    USMA lengthens service obligation to 6 yrs??

    I communicated with my FFR, and the people who posted above are right. The academy is doing an experiment to see if candidates will decline their appointments if the duty obligation is increased to 6 years. The academy has actually sentenced people with this letter to six years, and there...
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    USMA lengthens service obligation to 6 yrs??

    I received my appointment to USMA 2024 yesterday. LGT Williams's letter, sent along with the BFE, says "Graduates are obligated to serve on Active duty as Army officers for at least six years after graduation." Do other people have to same wording on their appointment letter? I have not had...
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    Just arrived here in Seattle!
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    USMA Class of 2024 Appointment Thread

    1) leephi / DS / LOA / 12 Nov 2019 / Accepted / KS /Senatorial / Direct Appointment 2) Spartan19 / Self / LOA / 12 Dec 2019 / Accepted / IL / Congressional & Service Connected / Direct Appointment 3) wanlime / Self / LOA / 11 Dec 2019 / Accepted / NJ / Congressional / Direct Appointment 4)...
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    January Appointment Wave vs. February Appointment Wave

    My portal just updated with an appointment offer! I thought this wouldn't happen until last least next week.
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    Am Yuk. AMA

    Hi. How do new cadets get their personal belongings to the academy? I know I'll bring CBT items with me, but how about academic year things like school supplies, sports equipment, xbox, books...? Will there be storage space before R-Day, or do I need to ship/buy everything after CBT? Thanks!
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    CFA retake?

    I was at SLE last June and got 48 ft on the throw. One of my squadmates got 51 ft. When the score emails came out, he passed the b-ball throw and I didn't, so I believe that the the minimum passing distance is probably either 49, 50, or 51 ft for males.
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    First Wave of Non LOA Appointments

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    How does the portal change with appointment notification?

    USMA had a live q&a on facebook last week. One of the admission officers said offers would start going out at the end of January. Go to time 22:12
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    FLEP or Civillian?

    These are all lofty goals, including attending the academy itself. A general rule is that the army adds two additional years of service for each year of post-undergraduate school they pay for you to attend. A good thing is that your time in school can also count towards your service requirement.
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    cq questions...

    1. Years of special recognition means any year you had awards or positions you may have held in that sport. I believe you can specify them in the remarks section. 2, The candidate questionnaire will not save if you exit it before submitting. You can go back into the candidate portal and edit it...