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  1. US2021

    SA for Spec Ops

    Since SA offer a career choice of spec ops after graduation (although small), what are the main differences among the jobs as an Officer? Which academy/branch will offer a higher chance of spec ops? What is your general outlook on both of these? And what is your outlook on spec ops after usafa...
  2. US2021

    BCT Mail

    Do Cadet's get to keep the letters they receive during BCT?? Thank you!
  3. US2021

    Parents Weekend

    Hi everybody! I was wondering what parents weekend is like at the Air Force Academy!:) How do the rules apply for cadets being able to interact with their parents/visitors (i.e. Are they allowed to stay together for 24 hours straight? Are they able to leave the campus? etc.) I am planning...
  4. US2021

    Highschool Advice Please

    Hello! I am a 13 year old female heading into 9th grade and am interested in the military academies! I have been looking into them for years and have especially been drawn towards the Naval Academy/Air Force Academy! I am the first person in my family to be born in America, but serving the U.S...