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    Touchdown in Colorado Springs

    My cadet left one year ago tomorrow. I know what you are feeling and maybe some of what you will feel. The pride is almost overwhelming. . . but, the missing them is. God bless the parents of 2013 too!!! :thumb:
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    Parents AOG membership, Webguy

    As Parents of a 2012, we highly recommend the webguy thing. Lots of money, but worth seeing your basic during BCT. We were glued to the computer hoping to see a pic of our basic. BTW, good luck to the parents of these basics. In our estimation, its much harder on the parents than the basics. ;-)
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    I know that you guys are apprenhensive and you have every right to be. Please keep in mind that those in your immediate family are most likely very apprehensive as well. Whether its just leaving home, the idea of long absences with minimal contact, or the notion of their former child entering...
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    2012 BCT Schedule-Acceptance Parade

    Does anyone know what the BCT1 & 2 schedules might be for the class of 2012? Also, anyone know for sure when the Post BCT-2 Acceptance Parade is to be held? Thanks
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    Asthma issue

    DODmerb website as to D changed today to the following: Agency: US Air Force Academy Admission Status Change Date: 8-FEB-2008 Current Medical Status: Commission Qualified - Medical Waiver granted (as of 25-FEB-08 ) Code Description D241.30 Asthma/reactive airway...
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    what is the first year like at the academy?

    Curious, in what way does belonging to the team take up so much time? What are the expectations of those who make on to the team? What criteria do they use to accept applicants to the team?
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    Concorde to the Rescue

    My D has appt to USAFA, but is in the middle of a waiver request for asthma diagnosed when she was about 10 years old. DODmerb required a remedial in the form of a methacholine challenge test. I had read some negative posts regarding DODmerb and Concorde and I had even posted that we had...
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    Methacholine challenge test ?

    My Daughter got DQ'd for asthma and Concorde quickly set up a methacholine test that she is to take next week. We had no one in the area approved by dodmerb to do the test and somehow Concorde stepped in and got one approved so that the bill is being paid for her as well. :thumb: She is only...
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    disqualification/waiver recomendations

    My d's waiver was "temporarily deferred" pending a methacholine challenge test. The letter says that she has three options to have the test done: Have concorde set it up:thumbdown: ; or go to Mil base and have it done (not available to us) or do it privately. The letter says that the first...
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    Another asthma question

    Is there any recommendation as to what can be done to prepare for a Methalcoline Challenge test to increase chances that there is no positive finding....not talking about cheating or using inhalers.........but rather such things as to/not excercise on preceding days, foods to avoid, etc? Thanks!
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    Paperwork delay

    thank you. I will pass along to D and see what she decides to do.
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    Paperwork delay

    DODmerb lost my d's concorde report; we had to back to the facility to get it corrected. Now, after an appointment, providing remedial information, waiver requests (going on 4 mos) they want a PFT with histamines. I think that the delay as well as the passage of time might be systemic. My D has...
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    disqualification/waiver recomendations

    D has a waiver request (delivered in Dec) in at the USAFA with a conditional appointment. Her DODmerb page changed and now it reads: Admission Status: Accepted Admission Status Change Date: 10-JAN-2008 Does this mean that the waiver has been granted or something else. All of this seems...
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    disqualification/waiver recomendations

    Can you give us an idea as to how long it generally takes the USAFA to act on a Waiver request? D is conditionally appointed and was dq'd for asthma. Its been well over 30 days since waiver request and still no word or anything posted on dodmerb site. Thanks
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    wpmom2011: Thanks for the insight. My D has her appt for AFA and, while she never seems to doubt her belonging there, her Mother and I fret. I am sure it is purely selfish on our part. D has decided that she will travel to the AFA by herself and we will say our good byes at the airport. That...
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    Flying Team

    Pima I saw the C-150 cited, but I was under the impression that they had gone to Diamond D-20 and I think that I got that from the Diamond corp. I heard the tweets are about gone as well. Just curious. Daughter appointed has PPL and Instrument but no Diamond time. Thanks
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    Flying Team

    Does anyone know what type a/c are being used for the flying team?
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    Exercise Induced Asthma question

    Thanks for the advice. I suppose its time to sit back and wait for the DODmerb to do its thing.
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    Exercise Induced Asthma question

    Thanks for the advice. She has already requested a waiver and we await a response. However Since I wrote my post, my daughter's webpage with the USAFA has been changed appointment status to "appointment offered". She received nothing via US mail. She previously had LOA and just got her nom about...