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    NROTC incoming Mids: has anyone heard from the unit battalions yet as far as NSO on campus ?

    Just curious what’s the status for the new MIDS as they get to campus next month.
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    nuclear eng v mechanical eng for Subs

    any thoughts on sub officer work and which major is more desired: Nuclear Engineering or Mechanical engineering? esp since they will go to Nuke Power school after college/academy, right?
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    Thanks from a college reapplicant parent

    just wanted to say thanks to all the helpful and supportive people on this forum for helping to guide me and by DS over the past 2 years. I'm not sure I would have made it through this crazy process without the information i gained by your responses and by reading about the real-life...
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    College Reapplicants for c/o 2024?

    check in here and let us know how its going the 2nd time around (or third??)
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    is there a pay difference between NA grad and NROTC grad

    upon commissioning , just wondering if there is a pay gap or is everyone equal on day 1? and then over time is there a difference?
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    WWII bombs found today near German base

    3rd UXO found today near Opel plant Another WWII bomb has been found today in the same location as the Oct. 31 and Nov. 20 incidents near the Opel plant in Kaiserslautern. Department of Emergency Services officials said German explosive ordnance technicians will attempt to defuse the bomb...
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    Why do they call it "Reserve" OTC

    just curious why its called that and how its different from other ways of training to be an officer in the Navy (or any of the AF's) thanks!
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    this board seems quieter this year than last, right?

    at this point last year there were already 8 or 9 appointments listed. so far this year only 2 or 3. is it just me or is the forum quieter than last year.
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    TV Show contestant on Survivor

    i watch the CBS show Survivor and this season there is a contestant whose job title is "Air Force Veteran". this is what they show as her job onscreen. she is only 24 and says she was a recruited athlete at the USAFA, but she ended up leaving the Academy after her sophomore year due to an...
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    MOC Nomination for a college re-applicant

    do SAT/ACT scores have to be resent to the MOC if you apply for a nomination 2 years in a row? scores didnt change so just wondering if they still have access to last years application and scores. or are we better off to just resend all of them again?
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    Were CORTRAMIDS cancelled this summer ?

    I heard they were delayed and or cancelled then they were back on. Just wondering where that all landed.
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    Should waitlisters start new application?

    Since technically we are still waiting and have not received TWE ? DS is trying to get a jump on things before his summer schedule gets crazy.
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    Navy forms typeset

    Why do all the forms I’m getting to read and sign from the Navy appear to have been typed on an electric typewriter in 1983.
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    LOA numbers

    i believe i have seen in previous threads that the LOAs are rare and that in any given class there are only about 10%, or in the case of this year 130. but on the forum DIY appointment thread there are 62 LOAs, which is almost 50% of the forum appointments. so i wonder if the Academy has...
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    Reapplication question

    Do we have to pay to send standardized test scores again if we don’t plan to retake them? Or will they just pull them into the new application
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    NROTC class of 2023

    is it too late to start a thread listing all the NROTC accepted colleges? maybe people can find a connection in their unit. there was a similar thread 2 years ago that i found helpful 1. "name" / NO or MO / College / Home state
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    Any successful college reapplicants here?

    That were waitlisted the first go round? Just wondering if i could ask a few questions of you.
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    fear of the WITHDRAW button

    anyone else have an irrational fear of the withdraw button on the Candidate portal? it clearly states if you click HERE it cannot be rescinded. what if you accidentally click it as you scroll around?
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    NROTC portal NETFOCUS down?

    trying to log in to see status and it says LOCKED and can no longer see the status page. does that mean rejection or is the site having maintenance?
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    Chance Me???

    Just kidding. It’s so quiet around here lately i thought I’d lighten the mood. Anybody got any good jokes?