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    College/ NFL season

    i just read where our local high school district has cancelled all fall sports. that's got to be hard on the players that are seniors trying to play in college (or just players in general)
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    Question About Letter of Recommendations (Re-Applicant)

    my DS used his college professors for both his recommendations. he had almost zero interaction with his math professor since he dealt with the TA only, but that didnt preclude that professor from completing the questionnaire. it was more of a questionnaire form than a recommendation anyway...
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    Plebes Dropping Already

    this thread took a strange turn :rolleyes:
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    NROTC incoming Mids: has anyone heard from the unit battalions yet as far as NSO on campus ?

    Just curious what’s the status for the new MIDS as they get to campus next month.
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    How will ROTC work with coronavirus and quarantine?

    if my son was at a school (NROTC) that went completely online, he would be transferring to a different school.
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    How will ROTC work with coronavirus and quarantine?

    NC State will have this same schedule
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    How will ROTC work with coronavirus and quarantine?

    my co workers daughter is starting at Colgate in August and i believe they are going to be in person. they will be requiring all students to be tested within 24 hours of showing up on movein day and they have a nearby hotel booked for quarantine for anyone that test positive upon arrival and...
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    reapplying references

    are you going to college? better to have current college professor if available
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    The Waiting List

    sorry to hear but WELCOME TO THE JACKET FAMILY!!!!!!!!
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    Purdue NROTC Unit vs Georgia Tech NROTC Unit

    @blrhurricane accepted an appointment to USAFA
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    Still waiting on a waiver

    @PTB87 when did your son receive his LOA as a college reapplicant? congrats on appointment!
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    2020 Commissioning

    congrats!! I watched the GT ceremony and also Univ of Miami. they were slightly different but both were great and very well orchestrated. i always tear up at the first salute portion
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    USNA CLASS OF 2024 Update-List-Yourself APPOINTMENTS

    thanks @ders_dad . a year ago this would have been an ACCEPTED without a doubt, but USNA didn't want him a year ago unfortunately. Lucky for his GT/NROTC did want him so it is now clear that he belongs there.
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    USNA CLASS OF 2024 Update-List-Yourself APPOINTMENTS

    1) SSSam42 / Self / LOA / 17-Oct-19 / Accepted / IL / USNA Superintendent / Direct Appointment 2) 2024USNA2024 / DS / LOA / 29-Oct-19 / Accepted / NY / Presidential / Direct Appointment 3) Proud2024Dad / DS / LOA / 14-Nov-19 / Accepted / IN / Senatorial / Direct Appointment 4) NickMomSince1997 /...
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    it really depends on your ultimate goals. both paths will take you to the same goal of commissioning, but not all NROTC schools are the same. think about where you can be accepted to. can you get into a top tier college and does that school offer NROTC ? if so, that path can take you a great...
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    Any NROTC taking Calc or Physics via distance learning this summer?

    DS is and was given special permission for this summer only
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    Cortramid-2020 & USNA Summer Cruises - UNOFFICIALLY - Canceled

    my MID was formally informed today as well. hoping that they will be picked back up next summer
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    Purdue NROTC Unit vs Georgia Tech NROTC Unit

    my son is a 4C at GT and the unit is not super small. its 3 colleges combined into one Atlanta consortium with a good deal of leadership opportunities. id say there are 75-80 mids in total which is a nice size. the rigor at GT is my sons favorite part of the university. its hard but it feels...