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    Does West Point require both SAT and ACT

    Hello. I am a candidate for the class of 2023 and I saw on the USMA candidate page that there are slots for the ACT and SAT, which makes me think that I need to post both scores. My ACT score is much better than my SAT score, and so I am a bit nervous about posting both. Do I need to?
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    CFA question

    I apologize. I wrote this up quickly late at night. When I say I 'undervalued', I assumed that chest, back, and core workouts would suffice, as I wanted to dabble into weights, something I had never done before. The Crew season I did involved a lot of land workouts, but those were pre-planned...
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    CFA question

    I am one of the 14,000 people who were rejected from USNA last year, and now that I am all settled at the University of Georgia (go dawgs) I have begun the process of reapplying, and I have been working out as much as I can to prepare for a CFA, but now I think I have been approaching it wrong...
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    Military Discipline at USNA

    So I attend a Military High School, and while I've been waiting these past few months to hear back from USNA, I've been dissatisfied with the level of discipline at my school. No one has any respect, the officers can't do much to really punish kids, and so the morale of the place has gone way...
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    Navy asked for my AP scores?

    So I have not received an appointment (still Complete Pending Review) and out of the blue the admissions office emails me asking for my AP score sheet. I sent it in, but it's left me baffled. Is this a good sign? All my AP scores are either 3's or 4's (I've taken 3 AP classes so far) and this is...
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    Foundation vs NAPS

    What's the difference between them? Do mostly Recruited Athletes go to NAPS and others go to Foundation? Which one do I, if I don't get appointed, have a better chance to be offered, granted academics is the reason for being denied to USNA?
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    GEN Colin Powell Quotes

    I wrote down the quote you posted on my 'Losing Hope' thread. Quite and inspirational man, any good books about him?
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    Losing Hope

    I haven't given up the ship yet, but my dad (USNA '83) has started discussing more about the alternative plans I've set up, and with each passing week my personal morale is beginning to drop. My district is very competitive, and it's clear now that I wasn't my congressman's principal nominee...
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    Are Verbal heavy ACT scores still good?

    I am a candidate for the USNA Class of 2022. I have taken the ACT numerous times and my highest scores are 28 Math, 35 Verbal (31 composite). I have also done well in my math and science classes, earning A's or high B's. The Academy requested my 7th semester transcripts, and I think they'll find...