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    The urine test conducted at West Point is the same urine test conducted by all components of the Army. (Active, RC, Guard) That test does not cover steroids. However, if your commander has a reason to suspect steroid abuse they can order another urine test to be sampled which can detect...
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    Who Will Be There?

    c_odonnell-Pennsylvania-Political Science(International Relations)/History
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    Prior Enlisted

    Any prior enlisted on this forum have their appointment? I am waiting to hear back from my admissions rep regarding an age waiver he has to get for me from the Dept. of the Army. Would like to send you a PM with some questions. Thanks.
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    Bad semester of college/will my acceptance be resended

    Along the same lines...if you are in college and this most recent semester you had to take a LOA for financial reasons, would that be enough to rescind an appointment?
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    Police Record Question

    Does anyone know if having a summary offense citation for public drunkeness is an automatic disqualifier for admission?
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    Split Option

    Here is my two cents. Apply to USMA as a normal high school student. If you are rejected you can join the National Guard under the College First progam. This program will allow you to remain non-deployable for up to four years. All the while you can either be attending a civilian school as...
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    Something I can recall from SLS

    leave or have them make the decision for me, my friend.
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    Something I can recall from SLS

    I have not heard back from admissions yet. I was renominated by a Senator from my state. In the mean time I joined the National Guard and if I do not get in this time around I will apply from there. If that does not work I will be perfectly happy earning my commission through a different...
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    Something I can recall from SLS

    I received an appointment to West Point at the end of 2004 during my senior year of high school. I opted to go to Navy and it ended leaving because of academics but that is besides the point. I was talking to someone who encouraged me to reapply to WP so I looked into it. They still had my...
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    Readmission of former Midshipmen

    I appreciate the support guys. I am going to roll the dice and see what happens. If it doesnt work out, I am going to roll the dice next year.
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    Readmission of former Midshipmen

    Zaphod- Since leaving the Academy I have constantly analyzed my mistakes and missteps while at the Academy. My attitude concerning academics was entirely wrong. I thought I could get by like I did in high school without putting in the effort needed. Also, I did not seek help when I found...
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    Readmission of former Midshipmen

    USNA69- Thank you for your response and input. I have spoken to Admissions and I do not have to go through the entire process again. Do you have any insight on what is the determining factor when deciding to readmit a former Midshipman?
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    Hello, I am Corey O'Donnell. I am a former member of the class of 2009 at USNA. I have spent the last year and a half at a civilian institution. I am attempting to gain readmission to USNA. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Readmission of former Midshipmen

    Does anyone know of any former midshipman being readmitted? Also, what is the admissions board looking to see to readmit a former Midshipman? I was able to voluntarily resign due to academic deficiencies.