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    Revoke my security clearance, too, Mr. President: Admiral McRaven

    I held a secret and top secret clearance for most of my 20 years because of various responsibilities along the way, but each time I was transferred the command I was transferring into had to reauthorize my clearance based on the requirements of the job. The original clearance didn't go away and...

    Tear Gas

    The Mighty Battle Frigate Bowen? That what you're going with? [emoji23][emoji23]. At least you had someone taking up your slack. I was the only one the year I went to trial. Longest (and most rememberd) day in my life. [emoji3]

    I need some wisdom....

    Add to the fact that if I was at the O7 - O9 level, I would prefer an Aide that was well enough versed and senior enough to carry on my duties in the event of an issue rendering me incapacitated until another could take over in my absence.

    I need some wisdom....

    Possibly because a senior NCO has mission critical issues to tend to and a junior officer has too much yet to learn to become a more senior officer than to spend his time observing policy at that level. A couple of these posts sound like elitism run amok. Never met a flag rank officer worth his...

    Update on 2018 USNA Midshipman Drug Case

    Looks like suicide by stupidity. Can't credit temporary lack of good judgment in a case like this.

    A question for the Brain Trust

    I hear that! Got a few of those birthdays under the bridge myself. [emoji23] Senior used to be a positional title. Now it's literal.

    A question for the Brain Trust

    If you can't hang out in Maguire's until 0230 and still run the O'course at 0500 then you might want to consider another branch beside Navy. [emoji23][emoji23] That used to be considered another day at the office in the fleet.

    Joining the Navy at 63

    Sure you can go Navy Ice64, The Army can always use one more role model to look up to :) GO NAVY Beat Army

    Path way for law career/law degree in Military Service Academy?

    Don't know anything about boarding school but would think that like all other private schools they would be in it for the money and would accept students that wanted to attend and had the ability to do well in that setting. The issue of just sending wayward kids to them to get straightened out...
  10. BTCS/USN

    Path way for law career/law degree in Military Service Academy?, just out of curiosity, where is your son at in the application or decision process and where gradewise in school? I just saw on another thread where you're also asking about Military Boarding schools. Probably the reason for my asking. Here's hoping he succeeds in whatever...
  11. BTCS/USN

    Top Gun 2 filming now-release date next July!!

    I'm going to get wasted? At that rate I won't make it past someone lights a cigar.
  12. BTCS/USN

    Path way for law career/law degree in Military Service Academy?

    Unless it's something like Mario Brothers. Then it's all about stomping on mushrooms and collecting stars [emoji3]
  13. BTCS/USN

    Best Way to Avoid being a lousy "Butter Bar" 2nd LT after ROTC & SA??

    The thing about Chiefs or probably any senior NCO for that matter is that we actually want junior officers to succeed. We would rather develop a great officer who may or may not become a great senior officer to lead later down the road. Would rather follow a good officer into harm's way than one...
  14. BTCS/USN

    Path way for law career/law degree in Military Service Academy?, or they could be developing a plan to teach and coach their smart kid to become excellent time managers which would greatly enhance their chances of success in any path they choose, especially the military where time available to accomplish everything on their plate is at...
  15. BTCS/USN

    Path way for law career/law degree in Military Service Academy?

    Actually no it's not only a parent forum but rather a forum related to service academies and ROTC. Anyone can utilize it that has an interest. But with that said, the question about why your son or daughter as the case may be, isn't doing the research is a valid one.
  16. BTCS/USN

    Path way for law career/law degree in Military Service Academy?

    Read the description of the law department's objective. It clearly states that it isn't to train for students to become lawyers. Air Force has a similar major with much the same goals as the Army's program. An undergraduate degree in medical sciences doesn't equate to being a doctor. A Biology...
  17. BTCS/USN

    What To Do With The Big Check???

    Leave it hanging on the wall in his old room and turn it into a room you always wanted ie. den, reading room, craft area, bar [emoji23], and when people visit and see it hanging there and ask "what's that"?, tell them that's how much money I didn't have to spend and therefore able to pay for...
  18. BTCS/USN

    People at the Academy

    The Doolie experience is part of a process and is there for a reason. If you attend you will go through that process. As kinnem said, it depends on your definition.
  19. BTCS/USN

    Military Parade

    Don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel.