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    She did not. The LOA letter was a pleasant surprise for her. I was reading about LOAs on this forum before that time and almost all posters said not to count on it. The recommendation was to put your best app forward and get after that appointment. I never even mentioned the concept of LOA to...
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    My DD (USMA 2023) leveraged her LOA to get the app completed. She got her LOA in late August 2018 but she still needed to complete her essays and all the SOEs. The letter said all the missing elements of her app needed to be submitted by 15 Oct or else the LOA would go away. She sent a very...
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    A-Day News?

    I supposed I’ll comply and won’t try to visit my DD yuk. There’s a reason why they asked parents not to visit their cadets. I understand. Fortunately, we can FaceTime her pretty much every night. We won’t do that every night of course. We text every day. She was expecting not to see us until...
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    any can't miss food locales near San Antonio

    I forgot about magnolia pancake house! Best breakfast place. I always schedule my flight out of SA just so I can have breakfast there and then quick 5-10 min drive to airport.
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    any can't miss food locales near San Antonio

    Not sure if these are can’t misses but my colleagues and I always try to hit the following when we’re TDY to San Antonio: Tomatillo’s on Broadway Hung Fong Chinese restaurant which is also on Broadway right next to Joint Base San Antonio
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    When To Take First SAT

    My DD took her first ACT in early Dec of junior year too. She used the scores in her NASS and SLE apps. Last ACT was in Apr of junior year. Got the score she wanted and was done!
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    Stipend Information

    Ok. Got a hold of my buddy who is in a relatively high position (not GO level, mind you) within AROTC. I don't know any highly-connected people other than @MullenLE (what a great American patriot, BTW). My buddy said the APFT requirement to contract has not been officially decided yet. Initial...
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    AROTC Scholarship After Board

    :p Sir... I was wondering what Branch Detail had to do with this thread, other than to tell the good @gg6784 the options available for MI officers.
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    USAFA essay question

    When my DD ran up against the "option" thing during her application process, she took it as highly recommended and took advantage of that option.
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    ROTC Online?

    It's going to be brutal. For those MS 3s who won't be able to go to AROTC lab during the year due to the university/college being completely online, you wonder how prepared they are going to be for Advanced Camp in summer 2021. If lab is online just this semester, then I suppose it can be made...
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    West Point Chances-How does my CFA look?

    Looks very good. I'd feel comfortable submitting those scores without a redo. Granted you can always do better to get more WCS "points." However, my opinion is the juice isn't worth the squeeze with your scores at this point. Concentrate on all the apps you need to do and you really don't have...
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    VMI To Remain True To It’s Purpose of Graduating Cadets And Will Not Remove Statues, etc.

    I read an article this past week about the irony of Lexington, VA being a blue town. I didn't know that. The town is already taking the name of Jackson off many places, buildings, etc... Even the health system that owns the hospital in Lexington is renaming it. I had to salute Jackson statue as...
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    Candidate essay style

    I don't know what's the official name of the technique my daughter used. Remember, there are word/character limits so that can dictate the style. For example, questions on apps for MoC noms in our state were very limited in length. For those, I recall she was direct to the point and precise...
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    ROTC Fitness Test and Interview Question

    My DD applied in summer 2018. She was given a list of 5 schools as suggestions (closest to our house) to do an interview. Of the 5 schools, 4 of them required the PT test to be done prior to scheduling the PMS interview. Looks like AROTC unit dependent. Interviews are a premium in the summer and...
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    AROTC Scholarship After Board

    Congrats on your selection. That 3 year AD award is very nice especially since you were probably bummed at not getting anything through the National Scholarship route. Make sure you stay in shape and healthy. Study hard. Take advantage on this wonderful, and rare, opportunity you got. 👍
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    A-Day News?

    I'm going to stage myself IVO West Point during reorgy week in the event the cadets get some level of privileges before classes start. :p I've got a bunch of leave to use anyway and need a vacation. Maybe the Poconos will have something fun to do.:biggrin:
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    A-Day News?

    My yuk DD said the same thing. The supe was talking to a platoon in her CFT company that they would be able to go home only at Christmas. That means no Thanksgiving with DD for us IF what my DD was told is true AND they stay with that decision. I fully understand everything is fluid and reasons...
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    Your child is in West Point.... Now What?

    Yes. I got the call from an 845 area code last summer when we weren’t supposed to get a call yet. I had chest pains because there would be no other reason why I would be getting a call from an 845 number unless something bad has happened. Turns out an AoG rep was calling for donations. Whew!
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    More sock questions...

    My DD is USMA ‘23. If I recall, we bought 10 pairs of boot socks and intended for her to use issued ones as back up. Fox River socks were highly recommended by others so that’s what we got her. Having 2+ weeks of socks is too much. Definitely socks to last all of Beast is overkill. There will...
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    I have "mild" red/green color blindness; How does this limit my options for ROTC?

    The test the Army uses is the Pseudoisochromatic Plates (PIP) test. You are correct. If you fail that, then you will be given a chance to pass the vivid red/green test. You can’t be color deficient to go to airborne school (need to see the red/green light in the aircraft). You need to pass the...