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  1. Just_A_Mom

    West Point Cadet Charged With Distributing Child Pornography

    Wow, first thoughts of concern are for his parents? Child pornography is not a victimless crime. The children involved are victimized every time their image is transferred to another person. This cadet did not have pictures of his 17 year old girlfriend. It's very difficult for me to imagine...
  2. Just_A_Mom

    Red Diamond Battalion - Temple University

    Lol! Yes, I'm alive. I check back rarely and just happened to stumble across this thread! Can't believe it was 7 years ago! The girl is great. She is commissioned in 2012 is a quartermaster, graduated from BOLC, has a new unit and loves the Reserves. Quite a convoluted journey!
  3. Just_A_Mom

    Red Diamond Battalion - Temple University

    Soon to be a 1LT USAR.
  4. Just_A_Mom

    3 USNA Football Players Face Sexual Assault Probe

    usnabgo08 - thanks for your candid comments. I don't think you are defending the accused. Some of my comments admittedly drifted off in a general sense and not meant to be directed to you specifically. My response back to you: 1. This is very tricky and difficult - encouraging victims to...
  5. Just_A_Mom

    3 USNA Football Players Face Sexual Assault Probe

    Did you even read the NYT article? Your *rhetorical* questions are nothing more than excuses for retaining the status quo, IMO>
  6. Just_A_Mom

    3 USNA Football Players Face Sexual Assault Probe This is a pretty thorough examination of this case.
  7. Just_A_Mom

    How will sequestration effect ROTC?

    To be clear, the furlough for DOD Civilians (Non-essential) is one day per week for 22 weeks, for now. This commences on April 1 and the day off is to be a Friday or Monday. The day off is without pay and workers may not use any leave or sick time for the day off. The 22 weeks takes them to...
  8. Just_A_Mom

    Army tuition assistance suspended

    I am not making a judgement on the validity of the tuition assistance cut but, tuition assistance is used by ROTC cadets who are in the SMP. Cadets who are not on scholarship sometimes join the Guard or Reserves and are *promised* tuition assistance for college.
  9. Just_A_Mom

    Petreaus resigns

    Huh?? Where are you getting your news? It was an Iranian shoot AT. They missed. Update in developments - have fun speculating: Investigation began when a woman contacted the FBI because some anonymous person was sending harassing/threatening emails. That person turned out to be Paula...
  10. Just_A_Mom

    Single mom discharged for not giving up child What?????? What is wrong with the Air Force?
  11. Just_A_Mom

    National guard and ROTC

    Not quite. If you take money from the State Guard then you will also be committed to the NG in that State. If you take Federal money from NG then you have the option of choosing between NG and Reserves. My daughter took the Federal tuition assistance while contracted in the NG and still went...
  12. Just_A_Mom

    DoDmerb basics.

    DODMERB is a physical exam and an eye exam. There is no PT - that is covered in a separate PT test specific to the program to which you are applying. The medical test is a standard physical exam. Be prepared to undress. There is also a reading component and you will be asked to read a...
  13. Just_A_Mom

    Waiver status

    The Academies and ROTC will notify DODMERB and you should receive communication - either letter or email from DODMERB that your waiver is approved. You also should receive communication from the Academy or ROTC. When/if you are granted a waiver for one officer accession program then the other...
  14. Just_A_Mom

    Information accuracy

    Ask your parents? If you do not know if you have ever been diagnosed with a specific disorder then check 'no'. If you have a regular physician/health care provider then call them and ask them to look at your records.
  15. Just_A_Mom

    medical disqualification question- urgent

    Not TRUE!!! She took the appropriate steps in writing a REBUTTAL to DODMERB. ( I will not comment on the content since the OP did not post it). This REBUTTAL becomes a part of her DODMERB record and if/when a waiver is requested will be forwarded to the proper waiver authorities. This is the...
  16. Just_A_Mom

    Romney to speak at VMI on 10/8 on Foreign policy

    Correction: Romney will be *campaigning* at VMI. If he were speaking on Foreign Policy - I would think he would have some experience on his resume from which to draw and he clearly does not. Virginia is a very important swing state in this election and Romney needs all the votes he can get...
  17. Just_A_Mom

    How long does your record stay in the DOBMERB system?

    If you are trying to enlist in the National Guard your DODMERB physical is irrelevant. You will go to MEPS and have a physical there. Your Medical History is, however, very relevant. If/when you ever attempt to contract in an officer assession program - you will go through DODMERB again and...
  18. Just_A_Mom

    Drug allergy

    Definitely disclose it on the medical history form and explain what happened when he took the drug. However, it most likely won't be an issue. Please don't try and hide allergic reactions to medicines. My kid has an allergy (severe) to another antibiotic and it was not an issue.
  19. Just_A_Mom

    broken arm question

    You don't *decide* whether or not to disclose it. When you complete the medical history form you will be asked if you have ever or now have any joint or bone problems, injuries, surgery or medical treatment. In your case the answer is 'yes'. Then on the form you will explain the...