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    Female wrestlers
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    Info Request: Which schools give the best non-ROTCacademic/ merit (not need based) scholarships?

    Totally agree on the Jesuit Universities. All three of my DSs graduated from John Carroll University with 2 of them having gone through their AROTC program "The Wolfpack", would recommend both the University and their AROTC program to anyone. Other Jesuit Universities of note, Holy Cross, Boston...
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    A beautiful piece

    One of the CMP 1911s ?
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    Ketchup on Hot Dogs

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    Ketchup on Hot Dogs

    Heinz House of Parliament Sauce (HP) on chips.
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    Ketchup on Hot Dogs

    On hot-dogs, brats etc... this is ... Nectar of the Gods!
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    Not Qualifying for Active Duty
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    NG SMP/ROTC, But Commission AD

    I believe that repayment depends on the current policy of the State that he is in the Guard in. Over the years some States have required payback, some do not. Most AROTC detachments have a ARNG recruiter that works hand in hand with them, he/she would most likely have the most up to date...
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    My youngest is thinking of applying for OCS, a little help...

    How about the US Army Warrant Officer Flight School Program?
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    Miss fall semester and start in spring, or start college the following fall?

    Until he finishes AIT he doesn't receive tuition assistance from the NG state benefits. And the school he wants to attend is out of state, so we can't really afford the first year at out of state rates. He isn't sure about an MOS yet, still needs to take the ASVAB. And he is joining the NG in...
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    Miss fall semester and start in spring, or start college the following fall?

    Is he able to do BCT in the summer post graduation then AIT the summer between his Freshman and Sophomore year ? What would his Guard MOS be and would OSUT training work for his school schedule?
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    1st Brigade Advanced Camp - 2018
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    What is a "recruiter/coordinator" - and how do I find one
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    ROTC Confusion

    Hope that this helps .......
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    Military Parade

    Gotta love these guys.
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    Civilian military lawyer What is DON OGC Blue Yellow.pdf
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    ARMY Football Uniforms for Army Navy

    "Climb to Glory" Beat Navy !
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    Jump School

    Here is some information to help as well....