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    Another Important Matter Concerning the Existence of Humanity- Coffee

    My dear mother taught me that if I can't say something nice, I should not say anything at all. So, in reference to French Vanilla Cappuccino... [JMPO]
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    USMA Class of 2024 Appointment Thread

    It appears that we now have at least one appointment for the class of 2024, so it seems appropriate to add the self-reporting appointment thread. HOW TO ADD A NAME: This is self-reporting, self-updating and DIY. Mods don't update the list (kindly posters occasionally do, but the burden falls on...
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    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    Thank you all. This thread has been a godsend and a great counterpoint to the evening news for the past few weeks (regardless of which part of the political spectrum one is aligned to). @Capt MJ, if I could vote for the Patron Saint of Bacon, you've earned my vote. ;)
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    Graduating Early

    My non-SA son just graduated from a D3 school with a STEM major. He had close to a year's worth of credits entering as a freshman, but used this flexibility to secure a non-STEM minor, engage in sports, and continue his study of music. JMPO (+1 to @AROTC Parent & @cb7893), create a four-year...
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    Social Media accounts?

    +1 DDmom -- in addition to keeping his accounts locked, my son opted to do a full review/scrub of his accounts. Although everything was pretty benign, he opted to delete 90% of all content due to the short shelf life of most social media content.
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    Boys State vs SLCDA, which one is more important to Academy Admissions if you could only attend one of them?

    Thank you @time2 - all too often we see the question "does program A or program B score more WCS points" instead of "does program A or program B provide a more meaningful leadership experience"? This resounded with me as recently I talked with a couple of HS juniors who were venting about some...
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    Former Army ROTC PMS Observations regarding ROTC Application Essays

    JMPO, take as much needed to adequately answer the question -- don't add 200 characters of fluff just to fill the space. That said, if your answer is not filling at least 2/3 of the space, you may want to re-think your answer.
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    Falcon Visitation Experience (2019)

    As @AROTC-dad indicated, FVE is one of the programs that SAs utilizes to reach out to target groups of potential applicants. The specific criteria is not published and will change accounting to the current needs of each SA, but the goal is to reach out to groups that are under-represented at the...
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    I will not rehash the numerous threads discussing wearing JROTC uniforms to interviews, but... If you decide to wear your uniform for your interview, please make sure it is immaculate -- the uniform needs to be cleaned, pressed, and fit you well.
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    Emailing Admissions Counselor About Marijuana Use

    JMPO, but call your admissions counselor. This is probably a case where on a real-time one-on-one conversation will carry more weight than email. It will provide counselor the opportunity to get to know you better and to hear the sincerity in your voice.
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    CFA scores ? looking for some suggestions

    As often suggested - start off by comparing your scores to primary data sources (e.g. In comparing your scored to the published goals, you are below the published goals for basketball throw, shuttle run...
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    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    It's the simple things - quiet evening at home; a simple home-made pesto, chicken, bacon pizza; a dark belgian dubbel; and AF football... life is good...
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    While only one should be required, I highly recommend all applicants to take each test at least once. I've encountered several applicants that have performed much better on one test than the other.
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    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    The first request I get from my family when I mention grilling is "may I have a bacon burger"? We start with 90% lean grass-fed beef and then mix in three finely-chopped (uncooked) strips of thick-cut bacon, one jalapeno, and a bit of onion per pound of hamburger.
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    Should I visit the campus?

    Here's the message to opposing teams when entering Falcon Stadium.
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    Reapplication Essays

    JMPO, but submitting the same essays would be saying that you've had no significant setbacks, ethical dilemmas, or life experiences over the past year that would serve to make you a stronger candidate, cadet, and (eventually) officer in the Air Force. I hope that this is not the case, but...
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    Choosing a major.

    JMPO, but don't stress about major at this point - get accepted to USMMA and savor your senior year. You'll have plenty of time to learn about your options before you really need to make that selection.
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    USNA Chances of Admission

    The active members of this forum are not on the selection boards, so can only provide opinions based on ancillary data, but I would recommend that you compare your stats to the Class Profile for the Class of 2022 - Your...
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    Thanksgiving Time Off

    +1 @Capt MJ - her valuable insights are absolutely applicable to USAFA. C4Cs should know their academic schedules by A-Day, so should then have reasonable estimates of their LMD. Remember that it is not uncommon to have snow or other adverse conditions in November. Make sure you provide ample...
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    Anything I can do to strengthen my application?

    JMPO but, at this stage of the process, opportunities to make meaningful improvements to your résumé are waning (although don't overlook opportunities to take on leadership roles in ECs this summer/fall). Make sure you spend appropriate time on all of your SA and MOC essays - let them know who...