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  1. flieger83

    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    So I'm watching TV...taking a break...and "Man vs Food" comes on. Okay, it's the new version, I've not seen it, let's give it a look. And Casey Webb is in a place called Jakes Sandwich Board. And right away they're making this 2-foot long weighs 9 pounds...pulled...
  2. flieger83

    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    Sums it up quite nicely.
  3. flieger83


    You can set the world record in the flexed-arm hang...literally... And one pull up will beat you. Go for that one!! Steve USAFA ALO USAFA '83
  4. flieger83

    Happy Birthday Air Force Tweet from Your State Dept Buds

    I'm "guessing" that this is the Angel's being good "wingmen" and saluting their brethren in the AF. If it's supposed to be an AF salute...someone needs retraining on blue-on-blue "threats." Steve
  5. flieger83

    Does West Point Commission Pilot’s?

    A young man I helped get into USMA (I know, USAFA ALO...but he was a great candidate of mine) commissioned into aviation and went Blackhawks. He flew all manner of missions. Then one day when he was a captain, he sent me an email that said: "check the signature block..." It gave his name...
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    Navy football Coach concerned about fairness of Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy series

    My question is simple: camembert or brie? Steve
  7. flieger83

    Humor for my Navy and Marine friends

    TELL ME it's a really bad joke...
  8. flieger83

    Jarhead's Quarantine

    Half-century birthday...oh, so I shouldn't ask you what you thought of the Apollo 11 landings that you watched on TV live...oh well... Kids... Steve
  9. flieger83

    Form 147 Reversal?

    What BBQ-Devil said!!! I've worked with the counselors for's a secret: there's almost nothing they can't do. Okay, they can't select you for an appointment...other than that...I've seen them work some amazing "miracles!" ALWAYS include them on anything new and exciting!!! Steve...
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    Best COVID-19 MEME

  11. flieger83

    CFA Calculator

    I'm going to echo my "learned" friend, OldRetSWO...I've been an ALO for 25 years, and in that time I've probably averaged 25-35 candidates each year. I can count on both hands (once) the total number of candidates that the CFA was an issue for: those are the failures. And I knew they would...
  12. flieger83

    Dame Diana Rigg RIP 9/10/2020

    Well....that may be the case early formative years (ages 6-11 1/2) were in the UK. I returned to a country I didn't really know, I dressed "different" and was constantly told, "you talk funny..." by people that sounded like my parents but not like the people I grew up around, went to...
  13. flieger83

    How is the USAFA Commandant selected?

    I was not a flag officer; the AF as brilliant as it is, realized that would be a mistake when they realized I was actually eligible. However I have a bunch of classmates that were flag's, including one that was the CSAF. Flag's meet a promotion board, I "believe" chaired by a...
  14. flieger83

    Evaluator ALO?

    The evaluator ALO will be assigned "around the time you finish the 10th or 11th" form. In other words...when you're pretty much done. Patience. Steve USAFA ALO (Mentor and Evaluator) USAFA '83
  15. flieger83

    Best COVID-19 MEME

    I need one of those! Returning to on-campus teaching Tuesday...gonna have to step-up my wardrobe. I'm thinking a polo and gym shorts won't work anymore. Steve
  16. flieger83

    Plebe experience at USMMA

    So SWO's are going to wear AF A-2 jackets? Hmm... Steve
  17. flieger83

    ALO Question

    Absolutely!! I do that all the time. I also prep my candidates for interviews, help them prepare for the CFA, whatever I can as their mentor. Steve USAFA ALO USAFA '83
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    The Everything Drawer - Everyone has one, right? (post anything - within the rules)

    I didn't listen but I'm guessing it's Brian Shul? (his stories are legend, and he's a really decent guy if you get a chance to meet him) Steve
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    Jarhead's Quarantine

    LOVE Rutherford's works!! Waiting on China... Started with Sarum and then just read them as they came out. The Ireland ones really explain the issues with England VERY well. Steve
  20. flieger83

    Jarhead's Quarantine

    Yep!!! Books... CS Forester, Dudley Pope, Alexander Kent, Patrick O'Brien, Frederick Marryatt (see a trend here? CaptMJ will understand) ANY W. E. B. Griffin series There are more... Steve