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  1. J

    Fly fishing

    It can be started back up if there is a cadet willing to bring it up the chain of command!
  2. J

    Cheer at USAFA

    The cheer team looks for people who are coachable! You don't need any experience. They have workshops during basic training and you can learn to fly with the upperclassmen.
  3. J

    In-Processing date still scheduled for 25 June 2020

    23er here! As of right now, there isn't any plan on when it may happen, but as far as we know it is still planning on happening in some way or another!
  4. J

    USAFA Prep School Appointee

    I am an Appointee for USAFAPS Class of 2019! Because BMT is in less than two months, I was wondering if I could get any tips for BMT, packing (what to bring that's not on the list), and just the Prep School in general! Thank you!
  5. J

    Leaving for the weekend

    I will be attending USAFA Prep this year, and I am hopeful that I will be given an appointment to USAFA for the C/O 2023. My sister is getting married in October next year and I was wondering if there is a way I could go home that weekend for her wedding while being a Cadet 4th Class. Thank you!
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    USAFA PS Parent Weekend

    So I know parent weekend is on Labor Day weekend. My parents would like to come visit me while I'm at PS. What usually happens during this weekend?
  7. J

    USAFA Prep School Class of 2019

    Thank you so so so much!!
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    USAFA Prep Questions

    Will they send out a list of items you need to bring to the prep school? If not, what should I bring?
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    USAFA Prep School Class of 2019 Appointment Thread

    #1) JRS92078 / DS / 18-Jan-18 / Accepted / CA / Direct Entry #2) pumpkin5959/ Self / 02-Feb-18/ Undecided/ UT/ Direct Entry #3) OscarWhiskey/DS/20-Feb-18/Undecided/VA/Direct Entry #4)Jennvberg/Self/23-Feb-18/Accepted/OH/Direct Entry
  10. J

    USAFA Prep School Class of 2019

    I was just accepted today!! I'm am extremely blessed and excited!
  11. J

    Rolling Admission

    How does USAFA admissions or evaluation committee determine who gets appointments first? Does it matter when you get your nomination or when your application is due?
  12. J

    Nomination and prep school

    Do you have to have a nomination to get into the prep school or foundation?
  13. J

    When should I find out?

    Thank you so much!!
  14. J

    When should I find out?

    I completed my application on December 1, 2017 and my application deadline was December 15th. I received my nomination a little over two weeks ago. A friend from the area has already been offered an appointment and accepted. I was wondering if I would find out soon because I had my application...
  15. J

    Will my CFA scores pass?

    On their website, they post the averages of the scores, so if you score above on some and below on others, I'm guessing they should even out to average. So I would just look at their website to see how you align with the average scores of last years class. Good luck!!
  16. J


    Because I was an Early Action applicant, I received an email a few weeks ago. I'm not sure if it is different for normal applicants, but you should receive an email no matter what. Good luck to you!
  17. J

    Early Action Application Question

    Thank you so much!!
  18. J

    Early Action Application Question

    I received an email late November stating that my application will be reviewed for admissions. How will I be notified that I have been selected or not?
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    High School Drum Major

    I am a Senior in high school, I am drum major at my school, and with all of my interviews for the academies, when I told them I am drum major, they seemed very excited about it. It is a huge leadership opportunity. I also attended USAFA SS and am a candidate for USAFA and USNA. If you are very...
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    Joining DEP and applying to academies?

    I am a candidate for USAFA and I am currently in the middle of completing my application and interview. I plan on going to MEPS in a few weeks to do early entry into the Navy. My plan has always been: a) Join the academy (if I am granted an appointment) or b) enlist in the Navy. I don't want to...