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  1. TacticalNuke

    Site update - 17 October 2020

    Good Evening, We performed a backend update of the site this evening, and thus the forum was unavailable for a short period of time. -TN
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    How to direct message?

    That's correct: 5 messages plus 7 days as a member. -TN
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    Server updates

    Good Afternoon, We performed some backend server updates today to improve site stability and speed, and you may have experienced brief periods of downtime. We apologize for any inconvenience. -TN
  4. TacticalNuke

    Forum maintenance - April 25th, 2020

    Good Evening, We performed regular maintenance this evening between 6:05 pm and 6:07 pm EDT, during which time the forum was unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience. -TN
  5. TacticalNuke

    Hi again

    Welcome back! It’s great to see you back on the forum, as I know our members and guests appreciate your advice and experience. -TN
  6. TacticalNuke

    Spam Advertising Threads

    We strive to maintain a balance between making it difficult to post spam and allowing users to enjoy our community. Unfortunately, users would also be impeded by requiring CAPTCHA for posting, and I think the user experience costs outweigh the benefits. -TN
  7. TacticalNuke

    Spam Advertising Threads

    Good Morning, Thank you for the feedback. The back-and-forth effort between spammers and websites will continue to evolve as each side develops measures to circumvent the other. We take a number of measures to reduce spam registration and posting and there is always a tradeoff between blocking...
  8. TacticalNuke

    Forum app end-of-life

    As part of this transition, we're no longer supporting Tapatalk. That said, I truly think our mobile browser support has reached the point where an app is no longer needed, and this change will ensure continued parity between mobile and desktop features. We're always open to feedback about how...
  9. TacticalNuke

    Forum downtime - Monday, January 27th

    Good Morning, We had a brief period (~1 minute) of unscheduled downtime last night to perform a short-notice update of the forum. We apologize for any inconvenience. -TN
  10. TacticalNuke

    How to activate "Private Conversations" ie PM's

    To add to this requirement, we also require that the user have been registered for at least 7 days. -TN
  11. TacticalNuke

    Forum app end-of-life

    Good Morning As many of you know, we've had Android and iOS apps for a number of years that some of our members and moderators have used or currently use. For the past few years, it was the primary way that I used the forum. There have been two changes that have caused us to decide that we can...
  12. TacticalNuke

    I have returned = I'm the Deputy Chief of DoDMERB for the past 28 years.

    As an update to this thread, and at Mr. Mullen's request, I wanted to post that this issue has been resolved. -TN
  13. TacticalNuke

    I have returned = I'm the Deputy Chief of DoDMERB for the past 28 years.

    Welcome back! It's great to see you on the forum. I know you've helped countless people through the DoDMERB process and I'm excited that you'll be sharing your advice with us. -TN
  14. TacticalNuke

    Problems with posting...

    @corescue59 thank you for letting us know about the issue you are experiencing. Can you clarify what you mean by editing in preview mode? I want to make sure I understand the exact issue. Thank you! -TN
  15. TacticalNuke

    Previous forum software pictures access

    Good Morning, I apologize for the delay, but I've now set up a way to temporarily access pictures from the previous forum software (see Note that this access will only be enabled for two weeks. -TN
  16. TacticalNuke

    Software update

    Thank you for the kind words. Our goal is always to improve the user experience and we're happy to know that we've accomplished that. -TN
  17. TacticalNuke

    Dodmerb link

    I’m not sure if it’s the issue you’re experiencing, but see for information about installing DoD certificates. -TN
  18. TacticalNuke

    Software update

    That’s correct; we didn’t make any changes to the app. However, our mobile browser experience has been significantly improved and I’ve started using it more instead of the app. -TN
  19. TacticalNuke

    Software update

    Good Afternoon, We recently updated our forum software and we hope everyone likes the new look! Please let me know if there are any issues. Unfortunately, we were unable to move our previous pictures to the software. However, in the next few days we will provide access to the old forum for a...
  20. TacticalNuke

    The Acronym List

    Thank you for ensuring we have both listed; that is a major difference. TAD was already on the acronym list, so I added TEMDU. Please let me know there are any discrepancies. -TN